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Global Education and Learning Related Items on

Online system for reserving a table at a restaurant
An on-line Table Reservation Application
rEZ Restaurant Reservation System for CSC 848 SFSU Fall 2009
Parent project for Software Enginering Distributed Collaboration
this a web site for mufix community in Egypt which has all activies by the community like week sessions and forum discussions,also there are learning resources avaialbe for students to download
A crime management application to maintain the prisoners record
A web online (Ajax - Java) application designed to facilitate the work activities of stimulation, cause-effect, encouraging movements for people with mental disabilities. It can be used with touch screens and interactive whiteboards.
The Company For E-11
Simple Java API Windows style .ini file handling. Also provide Java Preferences API functionality on top of .ini file.
Volgograd BIM
This project is to help students to manage their daily lives.
An network chess game that we have developed at the university.
StatX by tT(teamTen)
CTS[Contribution Tracking System] a Group 7 PPM Implementation
Mathematical Enviroment
Michael is a site dedicated to quality software development. We have a number of tutorials on java, testing and JavaScript and are adding new ones all the time.
Children apps for senmobile
Mobile phone programming for the Senegalese market - group2
Mobile phone programming for the Senegalese market - group1