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Testing features.
The goal of this project is to collect the available educational Java applets into usable encyclopedia-like collection. Web currently contains a reasonable number of FOSS java applets, many requiring fixes, undocumented and difficult to find. Applets are also can be launched through web start. See wiki for licensing details. We still use Kenai repository at the moment.
Java library for psychometric methods. It will contain statistical methods not included in Apache Commons Math.
USM Extract comprises a series of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) models and algorithms in an open source application environment, whereby the ANN-based solutions can be configured easily by users to suit their applications. USM Extract alleviates the arduous task of establishing ANN solutions for tackling real-world problems. The main objective is to allow users to fully utilize the advantages and benefits of ANNs without the need to acquire the knowledge of a rocket scientist in ANNs.
Projeto segundo semestre 2011 estrutura de dados fatec zl prof Andrea