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GlassFish Related Items on

Mojarra Scales JSF Component Library
Automate the migration of Java EE applications to GlassFish
Pull API for parsing MIME messages
Glassfish theme engine
Source repository for the Java EE Tutorial
Java framework for building RESTful web services, reference implementation of JSR 311.
Metro - Webservice toolkit
This module performs Extract - Transform and Load functionality in an optimized manner and supports a wide variety of Data sources ranging from relational databases to non relational data sources like web pages, rss feeds , etc. This component can also expose the ETL operations as web service.
A system for social news, bookmarking, and metadata
Communications and Collaboration for Java EE
HK2 is a JSR-330 compliant micro-kernel for service injection. It serves as the micro-kernel for GlassFish application server and the Jersey JAX-RS implementation
Open Installer framework for building cross platform installers
JAX-WS commons
The original GlassFish Update Center. Also serves as the parent project for Update Center 2 (used in GlassFish 3.x)
Web Application Description Language - Specification and Tools
Grizzly is an NIO frameowork for building scalable network applications.
Maven-2 JAXB-2.x Plugin
A JavaScript Wrapper for AJAX Widgets
JBI compliant Components
JAX-WS test harness
JAXB-1.x Maven-2 Plugin
Fast Infoset Interoperability Project
Cluster framework for fault tolerance, reliability, availability
CORBA ORB Implementation for the GlassFish Project
JMS Web Services transport
Generate help for schema-derived structured produced by JAXB
JSF framework for defining pages + other utilities.
Open Message Queue (Open MQ) -- A complete JMS MOM Platform