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Beta software that isn't a drag

What's interesting about this
picture of the JavaFX
Flickr photo app ? Ya, its been dragged
out of the web page. No big deal, but previously only possible on Windows.

What's interesting about it is was dragged it out of Safari 4 beta on the Planetarium's resident
Mac ! No dual
boot/virtualization tricks, honest.

If you want to check out the new
browser Java plugin running on MAC its a 3 step program: get Safari 4 beta if you don't
already have it, then get the latest Java update from
Apple. The latter is a developer release (so far !), so you'll need to
login to get it. Then make sure you set your Java
Preferences to 1.6, and have applets use their own process.

And speaking of exciting beta software, you might want to check out NetBeans 6.7.
I'm a NetBean !) This release, amongst
other things, hooks developers up directly within the IDE to project hosting/collaboration site Kenai,
and Bugzilla.