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Jack Herrington is the author of Code Generation in
Action and the editor of the Code
Generation Network. He is a software engineer with over twenty years of
experience on numerous platforms and languages. He lives with his wife, Lori,
and daughter, Megan, in Union City California.

Thor Henning Hetland, aka "Totto", is a Master's student at Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim (NTH).

Sam Hiser is Vice President & Director Business Affairs at the OpenDocument Foundation, Inc. He was advisor to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Information Techology Division on its pilot of OpenDocument-ready software this year. Hiser also blogs at

Bruce Hopkins, author of Bluetooth for Java, is an enthusiast for mobile, embedded, and wireless application development. He's currently working for the startup BlogRadio. Bruce is also a Java Champion.

Sowmya Hubert is a Senior Engineer working for Trivandrum based software MNC US Technology Resources. She is a BSc. & B.Tech graduate and a Sun Certified Professional. She
provide consultancy for US based private organizations.

Romin Irani is a softwarearchitect for InSync
Software Inc. with over 10 years
of software development experience. He is a serious
Java enthusiast with a focus on Open Source

Jene Jasper holds a degree in Mathematics and works as a Sun Java Certified Programmer for ABZ (an ADP Company).

Deepal Jayasinghe is a senior software engineer at WSO2 Inc., an open source
technology company creating middleware platforms for Web services.
Deepal is currently working on the architecture and development of
Apache Axis2 and Apache Synapse Web services projects. He is a Web
service PMC member and Apache committer. Deepal's expertise is mainly in
distributed computing, fault tolerance systems and Web service related
technologies. He is an associate member of IESL.

Jens is an Expert in Open Platform Architectures and has been working with Java since 1997 and Java in clustered high availability platforms since 2000. He is the specification lead for JSR 319, Availability Management for Java. He is also an evangelist for the use of Java in the telecom industry through the industry forums SCOPE, an industry alliance committed to accelerating the deployment of standardized platforms, and Service Availability Forum (SAF), a consortium developing HA interface specifications. Within SAF he is the main driver for adapting SAF APIs to effectively support integration with Java. Jens is the Ericsson representative in the Java Executive Committee for Java SE/EE.

The postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent Ericsson's positions, strategies or opinions.

Jian Lu is a senior Java architect/developer with four years of Java development experience. He was a software engineer at Lucent Technologies. Currently, he is working for Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute, focusing on Java application development.

Vinit Joglekar is a System Engineer at Nihilent Technologies, Pune. He is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from University of Pune and has C-DAC's Diploma in Advanced Computing. He also holds Sun Certification for Programmer. He has eight years of experience in mechanical industry and of two years in Software industry. He enjoys exploring interesting problems and puzzles.

Dave Johnson is a North Carolina based software developer, blogger, father
of three Lego-crazed boys and the author of Manning Publishing's new book RSS
and Atom in Action
. In 2002 Dave started the Roller Weblogger project, which
produces the blog software used by Sun, IBM, and other community
sites. Roller is now at Apache (in the Incubator) and Dave is at Sun. He works
in the Community Software Engineering group, which is responsible for building
and supporting and other sites

Michael began his Java career in 1999. This was a sharp turn after a decade of DOS/Windows programming and a love affair with Borland Delphi. He got a degree in computer science from the Moscow Aviation Institute in Moscow, Russia. Currently he lives in California and focuses on building usable, friendly and robust Java applications.

Thomas Künneth works as a software architect at the German authorities, specializing in Java-based rich clients. He has a MA from Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg in Computational Linguistics and the German Language. Thomas started
writing computer programs in the early 1980s. For a long time he was programming in C and been writing Java programs since 2000. He is the author of two German books on Java and Eclipse.

David Karam is usually a programmer. Sometimes he is a designer, musician or teacher. His career began in Austin, Texas where he produced the interactive graphic adventure, To Preserve Quandic, which was distributed by Prickly-Pear software in 1984. After finishing high school in 1987, David moved to San Francisco, where he inadvertently became a desktop publisher. In 1993, he founded Post Tool design with partner Gigi Obrecht and began teaching technology to graphic designers at the California College of Arts and Crafts. In the following 4 years, Post Tool's print and interaction design was published in every major graphic design journal world wide. By 1997, David's focus was diverted from graphic programming to server-side and database. In the last 10 years, his clients have included Nokia, Apple, The Getty, SFMOMA, Swatch Watch and The Body Shop.

Sandeep Karamongikar is a Principal Architect at the J2EE Center of Excellence at Infosys and helps enabling application of industry wide best practices to applications development, mentors application development teams in designing high performance Java applications.

Sandeep has over 10 years of experience in defining, architecting and implementing large-scale, mission-critical, IT Solutions for Infosys clients across a range of industries

Owen Kellett works on Project Darkstar, an open-source server-side Java platform for the development and execution of horizontally scalable online games, virtual worlds, and social networking software.

Joshua Kerievsky has been programming professionally since 1987, and is the founder of Industrial Logic, a company specializing in ExtremeProgramming (XP). Joshua began his career as a professional programmer on Wall Street, where he programmed numerous financial systems for credit, market and global risk departments. In 1995, he founded Industrial Logic to help companies practice successful software development. Joshua has programmed and coached on small, large and distributed XP projects since XP's emergence in the late 90s. Joshua has been an active member of the XP and patterns communities.

Oliver Kiessler is a senior software architect and technical consultant from Cologne, Germany. His focus is mainly on server-side J2EE-based software architecture and open source frameworks. He also is a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) and Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD). Whenever possible he likes to work on open source projects like the karma framework and he also is an Apache Software Foundation commiter.

Jim King is a visionary expert in the field of BI, database, Java development and programming. He has more than 10 years of experience in BI and development of Java applications. He is passionate about applying simpler methods to solve the complex problems of users.

Amir Kirsh is an expert of Object Oriented development and architecture, leading development teams and projects in variety of environments ranging from C++ low level communication systems to JEE, data oriented, financial infrastructures. Amir serves nowadays as the chief programmer of Comverse and as a staff member at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yaffo. In his spare time Amir writes in his blog On Software and Other Animals on items ranging from Unicode BOM to Google Chrome.

Jens Kleemann has been in the software business for more than 20 years, focusing on Java and certain aspects of system design & architecture for 10 years. Over the last years he worked on distributed systems using Jini and custom solutions consisting of up to 350 machines. He is interested in technologies or designs which help to create more efficient (not necessarily faster) solutions. That involves performance tuning, identifying bottlenecks and finding a way to avoid those bottlenecks once they are identified. He is the head behind "chameleon/XML", an extreme-throughput middleware which offloads heavy duty processing or workloads (mostly complex XML processing) from the application servers.

Dave Klein is a homeschooling father of 12 and a software architect / developer. He is currently on a contract with the State of Wisconsin where his group has been building applications using EJB 3 and Java Server Faces. They are now piloting Groovy / Grails and hope to move more new projects in that direction. They are also using web services to connect some Windows clients to our JEE server (WebLogic? 10).
His two oldest sons are learning Java web programming and he hopes soon to have a consulting staff of 12 that will work for room and board

In June 2007 he started the Capital Java User Group, which meets in downtown Madison, Wisconsin (USA) on the second Tuesday of each month.

Michael Kolling is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at University of Kent

Ran Kornfeld has over 9 years of experience in software design and implementation using Java, C++, .NET and other platforms. He specialized in high performance server side systems and was and still is involved in many successful IT projects.
He is currently working as an independent Java consultant and instructor, specializing in Java EE, Java SE, and surrounding technologies. Ran is a Sun certified Java developer (SCJD) and a Sun certified Java instructor for several of Sun's courses.

Kobi Krasnoff is a serious programmer and computer hobbyist. He started to write java applets few years ago and now he gains expertise in JAVA ME programming. Kobi is looking to get involved in this industry.

Eugene Kuleshov is an independent consultant with over 15 years of experience in software design and development. During daytime hours he is working on Java/J2EE applications for enterprise integration (EAI), message oriented middleware and services. His interests also include dynamic languages and code transformation.

Pankaj Kumar is Software Architect at Hewlett-Packard's Web
Services Management Organization and has worked extensively in the
area of middleware and security. He has presented on Java and Web services technologies at events ranging from SD West and SD Forum to HP World.

Chirantan Kundu is Analytics Principal at TwoPiRadian Infotech ( He has been designing and developing software, and managing software projects for over 15 years. He has Master's and Bachelor's degrees in statistics from the Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata.

Brian Kurotsuchi works on JTHarness.

Ramnivas Laddad is the author of several articles, papers, and books. His most recent book, "AspectJ in Action: Practical aspect-oriented programming" (Manning, 2003), has been labeled as the most useful guide to AOP/AspectJ. Ramnivas has been developing complex software systems using technologies such as Java, J2EE, AspectJ, UML, networking, real-time systems, and XML for over a decade. He is an active member of the AspectJ user community and has been involved with aspect-oriented programming from its early form. He is also a mentor at AspectMentor, a consortium of AOP experts who provide assistance with training, consulting, and mentoring.

Barry Levine is a Professor and Graduate Coordinator at San Francisco State University, and Professor and Director of the Computer & Information Science Program at the American University of Armenia.

Howard Lewis Ship is a professional software developer with fifteen years of experience and a member of the Apache Software Foundation. He is the creator and the principal architect of Tapestry.

Jason Zhicheng Li is a senior software engineer with Object Computing, Inc. in St. Louis, MO. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Missouri-Rolla. He has been doing Java consulting since early 2000.

Tientien Li is currently working at Sun Microsystems, Monrovia CA, contributing to OpenESB run-time components and design-time tooling development.

Bård Lind is a Senior Consultant at Objectware and has been active in the Norwegian JUG javaBin for a few years. His first project involvement at is the RFID Conference Tools project. Currently he also works with the Enterprise Domain Repository project.

Edward Lineberry is a Senior Consultant for Simplified Technology Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 platform and has a degree from the University of Georgia. In his spare time he enjoys lurking around used book stores, reading zombie novels, and climbing small mountains with his daughter.

Johannes Link is a project manager and software developer at andrena objects ag in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Dr. Xinyu Liu is a Sun Microsystem certified enterprise architect working in a healthcare corporation. He has more than 6 years of development experience in Java programming language, and is certified by Sun in complete Java and Java EE knowledge. He specializes in XML, Web Services technologies, as well as a variety of open source projects like Hibernate, Spring, and Jakarta Commons. He has a Ph.D degree in Physics from the George Washington University with several publications, and a MS degree in Computer Science.

Paulo Lopes is a software architect and developer for Topforce BV, he works on Java technologies for the enterprise world. He holds a B. S. in Computer Science from the University of Coimbra and MA in Video Game Design and Research from Tampere University. He has more than six years of experience in J2EE development in world known companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment Guerrilla Studio and Siemens Portugal.

Daniel Lopez Janariz has a BSc and an MSc in Computer Sciences. He
currently works at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) as
technical leader of the web development group. He has extensive
experience with Java on the server side and J2EE applications, having
collaborated in most of the web applications used at the UIB. He also
has some experience with Java in other fields, including Java on the
SIMcards as a winner of the first prize of the SIMagine contest in its
2001 edition, and being finalist in its 2002 and 2006 editions. Thanks
to his long experience in web development, he also does some
consulting for the private sector at the Balearic Islands. He is a JavaTools Community Leader and collaborates with various
sites and forums, especially in the Spanish speaking communities.

Jeff Lowery is a long-time Java programmer and technical lead with expertise in data modeling, publishing, and printing. His was most recently project lead for a RESTful IPTV prototype.

Douglas A Lyon, Ph.D., is President of DocJava, Inc., a Java
consulting firm in Connecticut specializing in Java training, and is
the author of Prentice-Hall's upcoming book "Java For Programmers". He
is also the Chairman of the Computer Engineering department at Fairfield University.
Dr. Lyon has worked at Bell Labs and the Jet Propulsion Labs. You may contact him at or visit the web
site at

Manish K. Maheshwari is a graduate in Electrical Engineering and has been working in Java EE and Java SE technology since JDK 1.1 and Java Web Server days. He is a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect and has been involved with the design, architecture and development of various Java applications. He is currently working as a Sr. Engineer with VeriSign Services. He has presented on Java related topics in various forums. His latest research area is the API enhancements in JDK 7.

Michael Maretzke works as a Principal Software Engineer in the Field Engineering organisation for BEA Systems. His main focus area is the communication industry. He always strives for the combination of innovative technologies with customer's expectations and needs to deliver and implement a solution with commercial success.

He concentrates on service architectures in telecommunication operator domains, which means how to utilize the existing network to provide significant value add to partners or the operator.

His Specialities are: Service Architectures, Service Execution Environments, Open Source, Standardization, Java, J2EE, JAIN SLEE, Horizontal vs. Vertical Architectures

Katherine Martin works as a J2EE developer and consultant in the UK for Xansa Ltd. She has been involved in the
IT industry since 1996 and J2EE development since 1999. During her career so far she has worked for a number of
big business including one of the UK's leading banks, an airline company and the Ministry of Defence.

Ethan McCallum grew from curious child to curious adult, turning his
passion for technology into a career. As a freelance technology consultant,
he provides his expertise to financial institutions, software development
shops, and other clients.

Ethan's work appears online on the O'Reilly Network and in print
publications such as C/C++ Users Journal and Linux Magazine.

Bob McCune is a Java architect, mentor, and trainer with a particular interest in open source and lightweight architectures and methodologies. He is a General Partner with Twin Cities-based OpenPrinciple consulting.

Tim is a Software Engineer with Adapt Technologies in Pasadena, CA.
He's been developing Java software since 1996, and holds a BS
in Computer Science and an MS in Software Engineering from
Kansas State University. Besides programming, he enjoys poker and skiing.

Nadine McKenzie has been a consultant in the software industry for more than 14 years. She is also a writer and an educator

Régis Medina is the founder of Design-up, a group of french freelance consultants specialized in helping development teams get rid of chronic problems and get better software done faster. As one of the pioneers of Extreme Programming in France, he is naturally a very enthusiastic proponent of automated testing, and he is also very proud of having his bigger project to date now covered with more than 20.000 tests.

Russell Miles works as a software engineer for General Dynamics UK where he works with Java and Distributed Systems, although his passion at the moment is Aspect Orientation and in particular AspectJ. To ensure he has as little spare time as possible Russ contributes to various open source projects whilst working on books for O'Reilly and is currently studying at Oxford University in England for an MSc in Software Engineering.

Robert J. Miller is an agile web developer at CARFAX, Inc., an MBA student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and an entrepreneurial scholar at the Missouri Innovation Center. He has been developing Java enterprise web applications for six years. He has four Sun Certifications: Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Web Component Developer, Developer for Java Web Services, and Enterprise Architect. He has a Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Computing from the University of Notre Dame.

Darryl Mocek is a Staff Engineer for Sun Microsystems, Inc. Currently working on JavaME
CDC and related technologies.

Stephen Morris is an independent writer/consultant based in Ireland. Widely experienced in enterprise development and networking applications, Stephen has worked for some of the world's biggest networking companies. Projects include: JEE/J2SE-based network management systems, billing applications, financial systems, porting/developing SNMP entities, network device technologies, and several mobile computing applications. He holds a master's degree in computer science and holds three patents in the area of network management. In 2003, Stephen wrote his first book, Network Management, MIBs and MPLS: Principles, Design and Implementation (Prentice Hall). Stephen's second book followed in 2007, entitled: Moving Your Career Up the Value Chain: Building Specialized Development Skills in a Global Economy (InformIT). He has also written numerous articles and tutorials on network management and other topics for Informit, IBM developerWorks and O'Reilly
( and

Raphael Mudge is the developer behind the scripting language Sleep and the IRC client jIRCii. Raphael still lives in a world
where AJAX is a cleaning product and rxvt makes a fine IDE. When
he's not hacking code or pushing paper, Raphael spends his time hopping
around Europe.

David Musicant is currently an application architect and consultant at Spiral Generation. Little did he know, when he began tooling with Logo's triangle turtle on the Apple II 20 years ago that it was the beginning of a love affair with programming. Now he spends most of his time thinking about the future of application security, watching baseball and working on open source software that helps developers work more efficiently.

Diego Naya is a senior Java architect, a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA), Web Component Developer (SCWCD) and Java Programmer (SCJP), and also holds the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certifications.

He lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is currently working at Argentina's biggest health care company, OSDE. He is focusing in enterprise architecture, business process management , integration architectures and rule engines, and has developed software since 1999, using Java and J2EE.

Diego is a a member of the ACM and the WWISA (Practitioner member).

Finally, Diego enjoys travelling to exotic beaches and spending time with his wife and friends."

Chris Nelson is a motivational speaker and he lives in a van down
by the river. He is also founder of the Trails
project and has been developing server-side Java
applications since 1997. At his day job, he works for
FusionAlliance and helps clients successfully
develop enterprise Java applications using agile
development principles. But most importantly, he is
the father of Suniti, Sanjay, Vasant, and Kavita, and
husband of Anjali.

Sam Newman is a Java programmer. Check out his blog at

Kevin has several years of industry software engineering experience with companies such as: Pfizer, Northrop Grumman, Southwestern Bell Communications, US Postal Service, and Core Institute. Kevin is currently consulting full-time for Pfizer in St. Louis, MO, teaching for College of San Mateo part-time, working part-time for, an exciting Bay Area start-up, working part-time for Vantage Point Mapping, and devotes any free time to open source programming for JAbook. Kevin is also one of the current co-leaders of the Silicon Valley Web Developer JUG. This JUG was formed in April of 2003 with an initial focus on web application development using the Struts open source web application framework. The group has recently moved to a more general focus on J2EE web application development. The JUG is co-sponsored as a Java Web Developer BayCHI BOF. Kevin is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer. Kevin received a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with a Minor in Mathematics from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and a Master's degree in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville.

Luan O'Carroll is a software developer and lead developer on the Aria
project. A Java programmer since the first beta, he has worked
extensively on graphics, user interfaces, development tools and
numerical analysis, contribution to the Batik project and in the now
distant past to the JBoss project. Luan is based in Dublin, Ireland
and received a degree in Engineering from Trinity College.

Kola Oyedeji is Technical Project Director for Vivid Lime a London based Full services agency.
Prior to that, he was a Senior software developer for the Collinson Group developing
bespoke Enterprise Loyalty and Insurance Systems. Kola holds a BSc in Computer and Information
systems. His blog is available at

Daniel W. Palmer is an associate professor at John Carroll University where
he has been teaching Software Engineering and Computer Science for eight
years. He worked at NASA as a software engineer on many satellite
missions including as project leader for the Cosmic Background Explorer
(COBE) satellite telemetry software development at Goddard Space Flightt
Center. Currently, he is the director of the Swarm Research Laboratory at
John Carroll University investigating swarm intelligence and emergent

Javier Paniza is the project lead for OpenXava project. He work as software developer at Gestión 400, a software company for public administration in Spain. He has been developing with Java Enterprise since 1998. Also he has been J2EE mentor for development teams in banking projects.

Marla Parker is the Community Manager of Within Sun, she also manages the Open Source Developer Outreach group.
Since starting at Sun in 1986, she's had several jobs including software developer and manager in the tools group, web engineering manager (Javasoft), and manager of the Java Compatibility Kit engineering team for just over a year. She also works with the globetrotting team that produces Sun Tech Days, and blogs on

Srini Penchikala presently works as an enterprise architect at Flagstar Bank. His IT career spans over 10 years with systems architecture, design, and development experience in client/server and Internet applications. Srini holds a master's degree from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville and a bachelor's degree (Sri Venkateswara University, India) in Engineering. His main interests include researching new J2EE technologies and frameworks related to Web Portals. He has also contributed to TheServerSide, DevX Java and JavaWorld online journals. Srini's spare time is filled with spending time with his wife Kavitha and 9-month old daughter Srihasa.

Dr. D. Petkovic obtained his Ph.D. at UC Irvine, in the area of biomedical image processing. He spent over 15 years at IBM Almaden Research Center as a scientist and in various management roles. His contributions ranged from use of computer vision for inspection, to multimedia databases and digital libraries. He is the founder of IBM's well-known QBIC (query by image content) project, which significantly influenced the content-based retrieval field. Dr. Petkovic received numerous IBM awards for his work and became an IEEE Fellow for leadership in the content-based retrieval area. Dr. Petkovic also managed and participated in several other projects while in IBM, among them User Ergonomics Research (involved in IBM's TrackPoint? pointing device), and Foundations of Massively Parallel Computing. In the last few years, Dr. Petkovic had various technical management roles in Silicon Valley startups, the latest (VMware) involving virtual computing on Intel Platform. Some of the products Dr. Petkovic helped build won numerous awards and are widely used. He has also taught at Santa Clara University. Currently, Dr. Petkovic is the chair of the Department of Computer Science at San Francisco State University.

Peter Pilgrim is a Java EE developer, designer and sometimes architect working for tier-one investment banks for almost nine years. He is an independent contractor since 2003, leader of the Java Web User Group, a Java Champion. He has just started a video cast called the London Java News on YouTube UK

Denis Pilipchuk has been occupying senior engineering and architectural roles in a number of leading consulting and security companies. Presently he is an architect on the Oracle Entitlements Server team, participates in OASIS WSS and WS-I BSP standards committees, and regularly contributes to industry publications. Denis holds M.S. in Computer Science.

Jakub Podlesak is leader of the Prague Java User Group.

Evangelos Pournaras has gratuated from University of
Piraeus, department of Technology Education & Digital
Systems, in Greece. He is now a student at the
University of Surrey in the United Kingdom, doing Msc in
Internet Computing. He has also worked in a Greek TV
channel as a multimedia engineer, being responsible
for video editing and TV studios linking. What he
really enjoys is to "Visualise the Imagination" by
using some cool Java.

Arshan Poursohi is a
Researcher on the
Sun Small Programmable Object Technology (Sun SPOT) Project at
Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Ganesh Prasad is an architect with Westpac Banking Corporation, Sydney, Australia. He has many years of experience with J2EE in large banking applications. Many of the core ideas in this model came, however, when he was studying for the Sun Certified Business Component Developer exam, when he had the opportunity to study the current EJB component model in great detail, warts and all. Ganesh is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and a Sun Certified Web Component Developer, but will not endorse the EJB 2.x design now by taking the Business Component Developer exam till the component model is sorted out! He, however, recommends the excellent book “Head First EJB” by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates to anyone wishing to understand how EJBs work today.

Pascal Pratmarty is a freelance XP coach with 10 years experience in professional application development (mainly Java Desktop and Web applications).
Highly interested in everything that makes development efficient and fun, he daily applies and refines most eXtreme Programming practices (like Test-Driven Development) in complex environments. In his personal blog, he shares with the community some thoughts and ideas from his experience of Agile.

Olexiy Prokhorenko is a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect, also holding Sun Certified Java Programmer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer certifications. His areas of interests include Web software architecture, development of software with frequently changing requirements, and management of distributed outsourcing teams.

Michael Quigley is a software architect, a musician, a sailor, and a lover of animals. He enjoys spending his time somewhere in the confluence of technology and the arts and wants your development projects to be awesome.

Mohan Radhakrishnan has been a professional Java developer since 1997.
He currently works for Accenture solutions division in India. His technical interests include
languages like Groovy, Ruby, agile practices, DSL, MDA and framework design.
He has been persistently trying to find good projects and better development
practices. Someday he hopes to convince his wife Smitha that software architecture
is actually fun.

Matt Raible currently resides in Denver, Colorado where he is a J2EE Consultant for
Raible Designs. Matt has been surrounded by computers for most of his life -
even though he grew up in the backwoods of Montana without electricity. Most of his "nack
for computers" comes from his father who had them hooked up to Compuserve in the mid-80s.
Matt's began playing on the Internet in 1994 and has been doing so ever since. Java became
his passion in 1999 and he's still in love with it today. When he's not working, he's
playing with his daughter Abbie or dreaming about restoring his 1966 VW Bus.

Gopalan Suresh Raj has been a Software Engineering Professional since 1991. His background includes Object-Oriented and Component-Oriented Design and Development in the areas of Medical-Systems, Process Automation, Target Marketing Systems, Manufacturing Systems, Object-Relational Persistence Mapping, Custom Control development, Cross-platform Applications development and Expert Systems. His expertise spans multi-tier Enterprise Component Architectures and Distributed Object Computing. His responsibilities have included the entire gamut of the Software Engineering project life-cycle including Analysis, Design, Development and QA.

Ajith Ranabahu iis one of the principal
architects of the Axis2 project and specializes in the ADB and
codegen modules and has been working on web-service-based projects for the past three years. His expertise is
majorly in Web services and XML processing technologies

Randy J. Ray has been a software engineer for 16 years, working in many
languages including C/C++, Perl and most recently Java. As co-author of the
O'Reilly title Programming Web Services With Perl, he continues to closely
follow new and interesting trends in web design and web services. He's worked
on the Voice Tools Platform Eclipse plug-in, and has contributed bug-fixes to
ROME. He is based in San Jose, California, where he helps maintain the website
for a local hobby club.

Atif Razzaq holds an MSc degree in Communication, Control and DSP from the University of Strathclyde Glasgow UK. He has been involved in software development since 2006. He has been contributing through his technical blog at

Srinivasan Rengarajan currently works at Sun Microsystems, Bangalore where he is involved in the open-jbi-components project. He has contributed to the ETLSE project and is now actively involved in architecting the Enterprise Data Mashup Service Engine. He has close to 10 years of experience in the IT industry mostly working with J2EE? based solutions out of which the last couple of years, his focus has been in Java Business Integration.

Clark D. Richey, Jr. is a Principal Consultant for Raba Technologies and the
founder of JUGaccino, a MD based Java
User's Group. Clark also teaches architecture and design for Loyola College
in Columbia, MD. Clark has a B.S. in Computer Science from UMUC and a
Masters in Computer Science from American University.

Simon Ritter is a Java Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems. Simon has been in the IT business since 1984 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Brunel University in the U.K. Originally working in the area of UNIX development for AT&T UNIX System Labs and then Novell, Simon moved to Sun in 1996. At this time he started working with Java technology and has spent time working both in Java technology development and consultancy. He now specialises in looking at emerging technologies including grid computing, Auto-ID and robotics. Simon and his performing Java powered Lego robots have appeared before audiences worldwide.

James Robertson is Director of Computer Science at Univ of Maryland / University College. Interests include: Educational research with social networking, community building, mobile phone applications and games.

Gregor Roth works as a software architect at United Internet group, a leading European Internet Service Provider to which GMX, 1&1, and belong. His areas of interest include software and system architecture, enterprise architecture management, object-oriented design, distributed computing, and development methodologies.

Sangeetha S. works as a technical trchitect at the E-Commerce Research Labs at Infosys Technologies, a Global leader in IT & Business Consulting Services. Sangeetha has over 8 years of experience in software development with expertise in J2EE application design and development. Along with SVS, Sangeetha has co-authored a book on J2EE Architecture.

Subrahmanya S. V., called SVS by his colleagues is an associate vice president at Infosys Technologies and the founder of the E-Commerce Research Labs. SVS is a winner of multiple Best Manager awards. He has filed two patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and has co-authored books on Web Services, J2EE Architecture and Enterprise IT Architecture.

Prasad is working as a Sr.Staff Engineer in J2ME organization, primarily working
on Embedded Operating Systems, and the J2ME platforms built on them. He has
been working on mobile software space for the last 8 years, including past stints
at Motorola.

Ulrik Sandberg is a senior consultant at the Java consultancy firm Jayway in Malmö, Sweden. He's been developing software since 1992. He read the specs for Java in early 1995, and has been fully into Java since 1998. He holds an MS in Computer Science from Luleå University. Besides programming, he enjoys music, reading, cooking, skiing, a good floorball match, and an occasional beer in the sauna.