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Rémi Forax

Rémi Forax is Maitre de Conférence at University of Marne-la-Vallée since 2003
where he obtained his PhD on multi-method in Java.
He has been using Java for many years and enjoys himself hacking the JDK.



From bug report
it seems that Java Browser Edition,

Shannon Hickey recently post a blog entry about
a new release of Beans Binding project at

This is a new step in my quest (or curse) to
provide properties to Java.

I've written a new version of the proposal (the third draft)
of the property spec,...

The purpose of JSR 308 is to allow to
define annotation on types.

Currently, the JLS 3 only allows to annotate
language elements than accept...

If you want to talk about:

This entry is the second draft of my property proposal, i have tried to gather all the ideas proposed since my...

Since my last post,

Cay Horstmann

has recalled that properties are...

Among the questions about my
property proposal and its implementation.
One can be answered...

Happy new year everyone.

Since my last post, i've done some homeworks :),

and i'm please to present you a new version of the
prototype java compiler...

Since my last post, i've played with javac enought to be able to provide a patch that enables to let the...

For an average duke, the big difference between a language like
PHP, Python and Java is that you have to declare the type
of the variables.
In general, it's not a big beal...

The closure proposal specifies a new type java.lang.Undeclarable
that can be used as a return type of a method
to indicates...

This blog is an infrared echo to Matthias Ernst's last post
titled "How far is fidji".

I don't understand why array creation of array of parametrized
type is forbidden by the JLS.

Let me take an example :

Neal Gafter post a blog entry
about adding reified generics to Java.
I likethat proposal mostly...

Last week, an early draft of Java Module System (JSR277)
was published.

With a colleague, we discuss about the fact that function type
can or not obfuscate Java code and he advocate the fact that
a code in Java is always readable if you have an IDE...

Recently a user named jirkahana post a topic on the JDK forum about the fact that

When you want to add features to a language
without breaking backward compatibility,
a widespread idea that you can't add new keywords.

Neal proposes to use for to tag methods that take
a synchronous closure as parameter and to call this new kind
of method.

When the foreach syntax (for(:)) has been
introduced in 1.5, a recurring question was
why foreach is not able to
iterate using an iterator.

I think i have...

As seen in Neil Gafter's blogs, there are two rival proposals
about adding closure to Java language.
The first one, named...

A new version of the closure proposal
has been post at the end of this week by Neal Gafter...

In my last post, i've described how to use jrunscript to
create a build script.


The JDK6 provides a new command jrunscript
that enables to execute script shell in Java environment...

In a previous entry, i've written about declaring a method
that doesn't return normally using null...

The closure proposal doesn't define how closure and
collections will work together.
It's reasonable to say that this API will exist
because closure in order to be accepted...

Wow, we begin to have a good view
of the language enhancements planed for Dolphin JDK7.