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Rémi Forax

Rémi Forax is Maitre de Conférence at University of Marne-la-Vallée since 2003
where he obtained his PhD on multi-method in Java.
He has been using Java for many years and enjoys himself hacking the JDK.



As you perhaps already know, jdk7 milestone 5 (jdk7b76) is


Let me introduce a new language named pseudo (Why this name ?
Why another language ? Why God ? all these questions will be answered
in a later blog).


During the JVM Summit, I was doing some tests for

The second small change from coin project, new numeric litterals has been integrated to jdk7/tl workspace
and will be soon promoted into jdk7 main workspace.

Joe Darcy has revealed the changes accepted to be included in JDK7 on coin-dev mailing list

And the...

Maurizio Cimadamore has just push a patch that enable to use diamond syntax to instantiate a generics.

The diamond syntax is one of the changes introduced by the

Two months ago, I was discussing with a friend about
dynamic languages and JSR 292 when he mentions

I've just released the first version 1.0.1
(1.0 is compiled for 1.6 only) of the
JSR292 backport....

Great news, ASM 3.2 is released (Extended changelog).
This new version includes the support of the new bytecode instruction :...

It seems that lot of people don't notice that
there is a roadmap for jdk7.

invokedynamic (at least the main parts) now lives in JDK 7 !

You haven't perhaps notice it but...

John Rose
(JSR 292 spec leader)
recently push a great patch that enables support

The OpenJDK compiler grammar project provides a way to use a ANTLR parser as front end of javac.

As you perhaps...

We live in a post-generics world,
recently, October 30th, 2008,
J2SE 1.4.2 retires
has reach its
End Of Service...

I slowly (really slowly) progress in order to
complete the implementation of the JSR292 backport,
not because it's difficult but because I have
not much time devoted to...

I will be at JVM Language Summit
to talk about the JSR 292 backport.

In my last blog entry, i've said it was time to discuss
about the BGGA closure syntax. So here is my proposed syntax.

The closure syntax

After being frozen more than 3 months,
the BGGA closure dev is resumed,
the sources of the...

Time to time, i heard that sentence
"array of generics a inherently unsafe"
or a variation.

That is not true and i would like to explain why
and even...

Just for fun, this morning, i've patched the java compiler
to be able to generate classes that use
invokedynamic instead of invokevirtual/invokeinterface when invoking

One think i really like in Groovy, it's its concept of

It allows to simply create tree of objects like XML...

After a week without any internet access point surfing the
snow of the Alp, monday, my fingers was eager to touch the keyboard again.
Why not finishing my prototype of runtime...

It's an old news but i've just discovered that
Mark Mahieu provide an
implementation of...

Everybody comes with its own closure proposal, why not me :)

Yesterday, one of the user of
(a compiler compiler) email me because
he wants to contribute but he wasn't...

This morning is was in my shower, thinking about life, sea etc,
when the word 'dolphin' pop in my mind.

It instantly remember that day, when SUN management decide to...

Recently, Shannon posts version 1.0 of beanbindings, even
if this version is not ready for production use,
it is stable enough to create a small demo mixing