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Malcolm Davis

Malcolm G. Davis has been developing commercial software
since 1992. He participates in the local software community
as a regular speaker at JUG and IEEE computing. When he is
not preaching the virtues of Java, he spends his time
playing with his kids.



Learn about a Swing report alternative that provides 90% of the solution with 10% of the effort.


With the right incentive, the unattainable can be attained

I recently attended a talk by Dr. Don Batory, on Generative and Component-Based Software Engineering. The goal of generative is to increase the...

One developer, 2 modifications

A developer has made 2 modifications, one to a client class, and a second to component classes. The client and component classes are packaged...

What is RI

There are many ways of getting started on a new piece of Java Technology. Developers do searches on Google, check their favorite online publication, go to Amazon for books, view tutorials on java...

Getting C/C++ developers to adapt new coding conventions can be frustrating to a team lead and other Java developers. Coming from a C/C++ and Microsoft background, my style was somewhat different...

I wager I can walk into any Fortune 500 Company, pull a module of code, and discover that there is no corresponding unit test. Furthermore, the module most likely will not follow the company’s...