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Larry Fernandez

Larry Fernandez is a Principle Software Developer at Amway Corp in Ada, Michigan. He has been in IT software development since 1981, and was named an IBM Champion in 2012 and 2013. Larry's team is currently working on its second major Java\J2EE application using WebSphere Application Server technology.

Larry Fernandez is a Principle Software Developer at Amway Corp in Ada, Michigan.
He has been in IT software development for 30 years (since 1981).
He has been with his current company, Amway Corp, for 20 years.
Prior to joining Amway. Larry worked for various technology companies in
California's "Silicon Valley" for 10 years.

Amway Corp adopted Java \ J2EE technology 10 years ago (March 2002).
For the last 10 years, Larry has performed a variety of roles in IT software development.
These roles included : architect, analyst, programmer, tester, project leader, task leader,
mentor, standards creator, deployer. configurator, etc.

During this time, Larry has also become a subject matter expert in the use of
WebSphere Application Server technologies. Particularly in the areas of
technology adaptation, server configuration, standards creation, scripting, upgrade support, and problem diagnosis.

Larry's team is currently working on its second major Java\J2EE application
using WebSphere Application Server technology.

Larry is a member of the West Michigan WebSphere User Group.

He is a dedicated advocate of Websphere and Java technology.

Larry has recently been posting about his 10 year journey with using Websphere application Server technology on

Conferences attended:
Java One - 2004
IBM WebSphere Technical Exchange - 2005, 2006
IBM Impact 2009, 2012

Recent Awards\Recognitions:
4-time recipient of Amway IT "Reward Outstanding Achievement & Results" award - 2007
Recipient of Amway "Application Performance & Benchmark" Achievement & Excellence recognition - 2007

IBM Champion for WebSphere 2012, 2013

A more complete bio can be found at

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We began creating our second Java application five years after we began the first app.
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During our 10 years of using Java at Amway Corp., some of our solutions
required us to think a little "outside of the box".

Our application had a reporting requirement.
It had...

It never ceases to amaze me where some solutions in application development come from.

We had a requirement for our application to allow a user to print pages of text.
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As we began our Java adventure at Amway Corp 10 years ago,
one of the most important tasks we had to do was to create our Object Model.
We had a variety of Java objects that we were...

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We had a very good...

For us at Amway Corp, a key part of creating batch processes, with Java, was using the LaunchClient command and
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Our first Java application (10 years ago) was a migration of a legacy application.
The legacy application consisted of a number of screens and a number of batch processes.

Our Java application supports my company's (Amway Corp) Customer and Sales Compensation areas.
This is a very unique and complex part the Amway's business model.
The application...

As our Java project progressed, we began to add new members to our development team.

This meant many resumes to review and many interviews to conduct.
It was to become quite a time...

During the initial architecture and analysis of our J2EE-based application,
one Java issue generated a lot of attention on our team : Enterprise Java Beans or EJBs.

Should we use EJBs...

In the beginning, our development team had no Java experience at all.
Most of us were mainframe developers with a decade or so of IT experience.

We realized that not only did we need...

When we starting planning how we were going to use Java technology at Amway (10 years ago);
we realized we had many decisions to make about standards to adopt, practices to learn,

10 years ago, when we were decided to use Java technology to create a new application,
for use at Amway Corp; we thought it was sufficient to say, "We are using Java!".
We were wrong...