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Do we need an isolation layer for unit tests?

Retrieving and manipulating NASA imagery

Focusing on Java performance

Java Web Start article hits a nerve

From web link to double-clickable

Instead of cursing the darkness...

But if you try an alternate spelling sometime...

The Hotspot/JIT vs. static compilation debate continues

Java's curious disdain for serial connectivity

Are webapp frameworks more elaborate than they need to be?

It's not hard to find web application frameworks that simultaneously claim to offer power and...

Supporting developers for the long haul

I feel like everyone else must have a much better memory than I do. What else would explain the seemingly reasonable...

Deal with dropouts

Appreciating useful enterprise frameworks

Let's put everything into Java?

There's an interesting discussion in the forums. It started with the topic...

How to make your project succeed

Is it the heat, post-JavaOne doldrums, or is everyone on vacation?

Clearing up Java text at the sub-pixel level

Keeping an eye on Java's future

Today, I'm going to blog about an interesting...

The many motivations of Java

Rethinking how to teach programming

The building blocks of Mustang

First off, your eyes / glasses / contact lenses are not fooling you: the colors on have changed. The new look is meant...

Where is AI leading us?

Re-appreciating Java style and conventions

So I'm working on a project that will eventually be open-sourced here on if I can get the time to get enough interesting code working......

Perl? Java? Yes!

Perl and Java seem like unlikely bedfellows. If you measure lines of code, I think Java gets interesting right about the point that Perl...

Wide-open feedback channels

One of Java's top detractors changes his tune?

Overhauling your GUI's so they make sense

The process of the Java Community Process

Size isn't everything

Apple offered two surprise BoF's at JavaOne - a "surprise" because they hadn't previously been announced or expected and just appeared in the addendum and corrections to the JavaOne show schedule...