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The pros and cons of hibernation

Make your media mobile

What it takes to not suck

It's not often that an online screed is so brimming with ideas that each of them could support its own blog entry.

It's even...

Adding arbitrary web app debug code at runtime

The idea of mutual respect

Coding skills are no longer enough.

Keep malicious code out of your web app

Making your mark on Mustang

It can be done. Outsider contributions will be in the next version of Java, and there's still time to join in.

Getting pro-active when Bad Things happen

OK, so you know your application is going to have problems at some point. Maybe it won't be your fault, maybe it...

Great examples of Java gaming and video

Someone sent me the link for The Big Ad the other day. Assuming you're not...

Et tu, .NET?

Stop me if you've heard these before: "Java's too big", "nobody's ever going to download something that size", "if Sun can't fit Java on a...

Unit testing and integration testing

Truth, rumor, and Java source-code licenses

"NB, if you ever sign up, or even look at Java's source, you are no longer eligible to contribute...

EBay sniping, now with Java Desktop power

Eliminating glaring security holes

When you're developing a system, you can't help but imagine it being used in the proper way, the way that you offer it to...

Do some programmers avoid their users?

Returning to "Head First" country

When it helps to have two voices

No, you're not seeing double. Today's front page does have two blogs on the same topic, namely the renumbering of the next...

The making of the front page.

5:30 - Alarm (current selection:...

Easily distributing your desktop app

Sanity checking simple code

Advanced features of the beginner's IDE

What does "active in projects" mean anyways?

A burst of Swing activity

Usually when I pick items for the front page, I look for balance: a little enterprise here, a dash of J2ME there, mix up the patterns...

Simplifying AJAX client-server connections

How does your career affect your development choices?

Can your prototype be too good?

Desktop developers usually need, as a basic requirement of their trade, to create a visual representation of their GUI before...

I18N, L10N, and T9N

The Java mindset usually seizes on internationalization in terms of ensuring that code behaves correctly in different locales, which means...

Take count, literally, of your Java efforts

Today's poll is one that won't lead to easy...

Make or break time for EJB?