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In this excerpt from his book "Unit Testing in Java", author Johannes Link shows a direct approach to test first designs of Graphical User Interfaces.
Just as CSS allows you to maintain a consistent look across a complex web site, you can use the same technique to achieve this consistency across many screens in a complicated Swing application.
Configuring an application should be painless for a user. It requires careful design on the developers part. This article looks at three techniques: properties, preferences, and JMX.
Learning doesn't have to mean classroom time. Sometimes, the best approach is to just help people follow their fancy.
The JSP Standard Tag Library allows page authors to make use of easy-to-learn, easy-to-use standard actions for common ways we deal with presentation.
Andy Freeman leads off our Letters to the Editor with some thoughts on how we can improve
How to use JUnit and Ant together so that you have more control over which test cases get run.
This article will help you get up and running with JOGL, the Java bindings to Open GL. You'll configure your environment and compile and run a set of 2D graphics calls.
Teachers of object-oriented programming can use the Fit framework to create an executable spec for an assignment. The spec itself leads the students through the project.