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In this excerpt from his book AspectJ in Action: Practical Aspect-Oriented Programming, author Ramnivas Laddad introduces the syntax for AOP in AspectJ.
Paper prototyping lets you conduct informal usability tests with real users early in a project, before the design is cast in concrete code. This article provides background and gives you six signs that your project could benefit from paper prototyping.
This article will explore StarLogo adventure projects, from a termite colony that displays emergent behavior to bumper turtles that familiarize us with the StarLogo environment. These projects demonstrate how kids can play and explore before learning how to program. Finally, avenues for further exploration will be illuminated.
Velocity is a fast and easy-to-use Java-based templating engine. Velocity's speed, ease of use, and flexibility contribute to its use in a broad range of applications, including code generation, email templating, and web user-interface creation.
Many people take this week as vacation and travel or spend a little extra time with family. Duke is no exception. We're looking for your pictures of Duke on vacation.
N. Alex Rupp argues MVC is a poor architecture for servlets and needs to be replaced.
Joshua Marinacci shows how to make a Swing application behave more like it's native.
How to use exceptions to build better Java applications: be specific, throw early, and catch later.
Erasure and bridging are code transformations the compiler performs in order to implement the generics specification. This article explains the reasons for and the mechanisms of these two transforms.
Sue Spielman continues her JSTL series, looking at internationalization, and XML and SQL abilities.