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In these excerpts from their book "Contributing to Eclipse: Principles, Patterns, and Plugins," authors Erich Gamm and Kent Beck show you how to get started with Hello World and present an example of "Test-Driven Plug-In Development."
The following was sent by Sun to the Eclipse board and membership on January 29, 2004 and then posted on January 30 as an open letter. We've decided to post this to provide a place to discuss the issues raised in this letter.
Joshua Marinacci shows how to make a Swing application behave more like it's native.
The shocks servlet architecture uses a new architectural style: WARS.
This article gives you 12 practical ways to start (and keep) writing tests, regardless of your development process. Testing is important, and writing tests first results in the emergence of better designs.
William Grosso discusses wildcards, a recent addition to the generics specification: sometimes you don't want to precisely specify the value for a type parameter .
In this excerpt from his book JavaServer Pages 3rd Edition, author Hans Bergsten shows you how to generate XML responses with JSP and how to process XML data.
Joshua Marinacci shows how to make Java apps double-clickable and support filetype associations.
Here are some of the pictures readers sent us of Duke on vacation.
Our first "stupid question" is whether you should use static methods whenever possible.