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JSR 133 produced a formal mathematical specification for the semantics of synchronized, volatile, and final. It provides the foundation for (finally) delivering on Java's promise of being able to develop write-once, run-anywhere concurrent applications.
This excerpt from the book <i>WebLogic: The Definitive Guide</i> is an overview and an introduction to JMX, the Java Management Extensions, and MBeans.
This "stupid question" is about how String Equality works and explores the constants pool.
A description of the new features in the April 2004 release of
This introduction to Location Based Services (LBSes) provides a sample J2ME MIDlet that can get its location from GPS.
Improving the BrainFeed end-user experience with a Swing thick client.
Introduction to 2D gaming graphics techniques, including world windows, animation, and affine transformations.
An introduction to the standards-based architecture of Joshua Marinacci's BrainFeed web application.
Introduction to SiteMesh, a page-decorating technology that simplifies adding common elements to a site's pages.
The introduction of enums, generics, and metadata are changes to the Java language that require modifications to existing APIs, such as Reflection. This article examines the modifications to the Reflection API that are now available to the public as part of JDK 1.5 beta 1 and shows how you can take advantage of them in your code.