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"See how components interact with each other by reading and setting properties; how the page can act as a Controller, coordinating the domain logic and mediating between its embedded components; and how easy it is to add new interactions to a page, in the form of listener methods."
Jack Herrington introduces an XSLT-based workflow for automatically generating Java code from XML descriptor files.
Using a combination of reflection and introspection, you can determine the nature and possible function of an object that you didn’t know about at compile time.
Tips to technical interviewing
How to write Java applications to work with shell conventions, and how to configure Windows to treat these as real applications.
This excerpt from "Apache Axis Live" focuses "solely on the basic components of an Axis Web Service and how these components are assembled in a basic web service."
Socratic dialogue introduces the philosophy of constant-change software development, developing large systems through many small changes.
An introduction to the use of Java2D graphics API in servlets or JSPs to create on-demand graphics for web users.
The new variable arguments ("varargs") Java language feature makes many method calls more convenient, and enables a new C-style printf() function.
In this, our first interview on, Kevin Bedell talks with Bob Griswold , who is in charge of JRockit at BEA. This interview was conducted late last week.