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takes you through Integrating ActionForms with POJOs. He writes that one of the complaints about Struts "is that unlike some of the newer web application frameworks (Spring, WebWork, JavaServer Faces, etc.) it can't deal directly with POJOs. As a result, people developing Struts applications often feel forced to spend a considerable amount of time and energy devising solutions to bridge the gap"
A survey of some of the Gang of Four design patterns: Composite, Singleton, Factory, Adapter, Decorator, Facade, and MVC.
Greg Wilson reviews books for programmers and selects ten (or more) for your holiday reading.
Here are some of the pictures readers sent us of Duke on vacation.
This "stupid question" is about how objects of the same type can see each other's privates.
This excerpt from Joshua Kerievsky's "Refactoring to Java" shows you an alternate technique for introducing a Null Object, rather than that shown in Martin Fowler's "Refactoring" book.
Olexiy Prohorenko shows how Cactus can be used to expose Enterprise JavaBeans to JUnit test cases.
Many people take this week as vacation and travel or spend a little extra time with family. Duke is no exception. We're looking for your pictures of Duke on vacation.
These excerpts from Russell Miles' "AspectJ Cookbook" show you how to build an AspectJ Project using Ant, how to compile an aspect and multiple Java files, and how to develop a simple aspect.
David Sean Taylor, an open source software developer has been involved with developing Jetspeed for almost four years now. He talks to the Portlet Community's Navaneeth Krishnan him about Jetspeed and the Portlet spec detailed in JSR 168.