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There are seven steps to successfully bringing a mobile application to market. In this episode Steve Haney of Tira Wireless discusses this mobile content lifecycle management which includes market planning, design, development, adaptation, testing, channel readiness, and distribution.
Eric Spiegelberg offers a cleaner design for using DWR to allow an Ajax-based web application to provide server-side validation of client-side input.
In this installment of The Open Road, Elliotte Rusty Harold relates the step-by-step process of building the JDK on Linux.
This "stupid question" is about how collections are defined as only working with objects, yet a simple code example proves it's trivial to add primitives to collections.
In this interview, program manager Gary Thompson interviews Curriki executive director Dr. Barbara "Bobbi" Kurshan and chief technology officer Joshua Marks.
Podcast hosts Roger Brinkley and Terrence Barr are joined by members of the selection committee for January's Java Mobile and Embedded Developer Days. They talk about the different types of sessions that have been scheduled for this conference with C. Enrique Ortiz, CTO at EZee, Sean Sheedy, Java ME Consultant and Eric Arseneau, Sun Microsystems.
Lorenzo Pallara is a researcher with Cineca, an Italian consortium of 31 universities, 2 Scientific Research agencies, and the Ministry of University and Research. The JTVOS project is an open sourced Java based end to end interactive TV broadcasting platform based on phoneME advanced.
Joshua Marinacci puts JXMapViewer to work by showing how you can bring in geographic data from external sources and use Painters to create custom geodata GUIs.
Lawrence Fulton and Daniel Williams show how to use approximation techniques to provide Java ME with a Math.pow() function and get "good enough" results, even with negative and fractional exponents.
Dr. Brian Lee and Dr. Salmon Ahmad introduce their Tricast Mail and push technology for delivering user information to cell phones. It uses TWUIK which greatly improves usability with dazzling graphics, vibrant animation in an engaging rich-media user experience.