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This week's podcast features voices from the first ever Java Mobile and Embedded Developer Days. We talked to many of the people presenting poster sessions on Sun Microsystems' Santa Clara campus as well as some of the contestants trying to win one of four SunSPOTs.
Java EE defines the Java Messaging Service (JMS) for creating loosely coupled enterprise systems, and in this article, Deepa Sobhana shows off how to build a JMS-driven application atop GlassFish.
The AySystem: connecting you to anyone or anything – from anywhere in the world and all of the time. Monfred Kobe discusses this new end to end Java solution from Seimens.
GlassFish provides fine tools for load balancing across a cluster, but what if you want to make your clustering decisions dynamically? In this article, Masoud Kalali shows how JMX and AMX can be used to make runtime clustering decisions.
Sun Microsystems' Chief Open Source Officer Simon Phipps discusses some of the key points from his keynote address at FOSS-IN late last year in India. We look ahead to the upcoming Mobile and Embedded Developer Days.
As we enter into the Holiday season, the Mobile & Embedded Community wishes all a happy holiday wishes in a montage holiday greetings and new year resolutions.
Roger Meike talks about SunSPOTs, the device that InfoWorld has named one of the Must-have gadgets for the discerning geek. You'll hear about community, code, and plans for great presentations at January's Mobile and Embedded Developer Days.
Sharad Acharya takes a comparative look at JPA, Entity EJBs, Hibernate, and TopLink, to help you understand which is right for your needs.
This week Terrence Barr reports from the Sun Tech Days in Frankfurt, Germany and Roger Brinkley talks about his time at FOSS/IN in Bangalore, India and the Sun India Tech Days. You are invited to take a new survey and Terrence interviews Michael Samarin from FUTURICE.
Shoal is an open source clustering framework, used to provide clustering functionality to GlassFish. In this article, Diego Naya and Juan Pedro Danculovic show how to work directly with the Shoal API.