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Masoud Kalali shows how to use and extend OpenPTK, which hides the implementation differences between different user stores, allowing developers to use multiple stores with a common API.
John O'Conner shows how JSR 295, Beans Binding, eliminates burdensome "glue code" for wiring up relationships between objects.
Kirill Grouchnikov shows off the Consumer JDK's ability to set per-pixel translucency on windows, which opens up a wide variety of possibilities for translucent and shaped windows previously only available to native applications
Kevin Looney, Brian Kurotsuchi, and Mikhail Gorshenev talk about CQME and jtharness projects and their uses as a TCK testing tool and the possibility of using it for testing applications.
This week feature listens in the the MEDD Panel session Developing and Deploying Content in the Real World. It is a frank discussion amongst large and small application developers, oems, device manufacturers, carriers, and tool vendors.
In this entry of "The Open Road," Elliotte Rusty Harold takes a look at how JSR 294 ("superpackages"), intended to be part of Java SE 7, proposes to fix the problem of class and member visibility between packages that look like they should be related, but aren't.
In this introductory article, Albert Attard introduces the basic techniques of reflection: discovering and using a class's methods and fields at runtime, and discusses cases where this can be a powerful technique.
In this episode we talk about the Center for Mobile Education research and feature the introductory presentation by Terrence Barr and Roger Brinkley at last month's Mobile and Embedded Developer Days.
This week Roger and Terrence recap some of the announcements from the Mobile and Embedded Developer Days. You'll also hear an excerpt from James Gosling's MEDD keynote address.
Binildas C. A. shows how to combine the database's ROWNUM function with Java SE 5's thread pools to create highly effective pagination.