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In a candid discussion from the Community Leaders Weekend 2008, a group of community leaders and infrastructure team members take a "big picture" look at the purpose and goals of
In this introductory podcast of the 2008 series, editor Chris Adamson previews this year's talk and takes a look back with excerpts from five of 2007's best mini-talks.
In this interview, community manager Marla Parker speaks with Sun's Sandeep Konchady about Mural, a community to provide open source solutions to data management problems.
John Charles, CTO of the Australian based Airscape Technology shares his views of the mobile world and why he believes that now is the time to be developing applications for mobile devices.
Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen offers a simple example of Java Instrumentation by adding logging statements to the beginning and end of all methods of an arbitrary class.
Razmig Sarkissian from Mobile Distillery talks to Terrence about Celsius, a software solution for porting and optimizing Java ME applications across over 800 phones.
Dalibor Topic talks about his first couple of days at Sun as the Java Free Open Software Ambassador.
Why does Java 6 expose the javac compiler through a programmatic interface? It's not just for building IDEs. In this article, Deepa Sobhana and Seema Richard show how to use the new feature for static code analysis, with an example that verifies that classes overriding Object.equals() also implement the required override of Object.hashcode().
Roger leads a developer question and answer session of Australian developers at Mobility Days in Sydney.
Terrence talks with Phillip Candal about their new Scabler product that has integrated mapping and GPS solution and how it was developed by J2ME Polish.