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Sleep, a Perl-like scripting language that runs on the JVM, offers first-class support for continuations. In this article, Raphael Mudge shows you how to use continuations in Sleep and what you can do with them.
The idea of this Mini-Talk on Community Corner is to show a little about Bluetooth, JSR 82 (Java Apis for Bluetooth) and Project Marge.
OpenEco is a global on-line community providing free and easy-to-use tools allowing users to assess, track, and compare their energy performance, share proven best practices to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) usage and encourage sustainable innovation.
This session focuses on a series of common API modifications that seem like normal modifications, but can manifest subtle compatibility problems. Attendees will acquire skills to evaluate API changes for backwards compatibility, and how to sidestep compatibility pitfalls.
Thomas Fitzsimmons from Red Hat explains what the IcedTea project is, how it came about, its role for Fedora, trademarks, certification, gcjwebplugin, netx and the portable Zero interpreter for Hotspot.
SOA is about decoupling application that need to be integrated through the use of services. To achieve a good degree of decoupling two main ingredients are needed: a good middleware and a well written integration logic. This session will show examples and best practices on writing integration logic inside a JBI ESB. Some topics that the session will touch are: -- synchronous vs asynchronous integration -- stateless vs stateful integration For each pattern the session will show a way to implement it using a JBI ESB, discussing advantages and common pitfalls
Luan O'Carroll shows you how to distribute Java Web Start apps via CD-ROM, including any necessary JRE installations.
This session will show how to use a SunSPOT to control a TrackBot. Attendees will be shown how to take code created using the TrackBotsAndGreenfoot session and send it to a SunSPOT, although attendance at that session is not a prerequisite. Basics of how to compile and deploy for this device will be covered.
Ajax has become quite popular as websites have become richer and richer. Ajax allows a page to periodically request data from the server. Comet, on the other hand, allows the server to push data to the client at any time. Comet applications are starting to redefine the capabilities of Web 2.0 applicaions. Bayeux, which is still in daft, is the first standard to define a comet based transport protocol. This talk will discuss the basics of Comet and Bayeux.
JSR 203, which may be part of Java 7, offers a totally overhauled approach to File I/O in Java. In this installment of "The Open Road," Elliotte Rusty Harold takes a look at the current spec.