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JTHarness is an open source extensible test harness, which can also serve as a front-end for JUnit tests.
The Lightweight User Interface Toolkit takes a Swing-like approach and renders all user interface components in Java. In this article, Biswajit Sarkar offers an overview of LWUIT's functionality and design.
ME Framework is an testing framework for the Java ME platform developed as part of the cqME open-source project. A set of plug-ins for the open-source JT Harness, ME Framework provides support for application and platform quality and conformance testing needs. This mini-talk covers testing framework features, Java ME application and security models, communication protocols optimization and debugging functionality.
This talk will cover the basics of using the TrackBot API for simulating and controlling TrackBots. It will flesh out some of the concepts covered in the TrackBotsAndGreenfoot and SunSPOTsAndTrackBots talks, although attendance at those sessions is not a prerequisite.
In this brief "fill-in" mini-talk, Parth Vohra shows off a mobile approach for data mashups, using OpenESB and the Mural project.
Kepler's Orrery is a generative music system that uses gravity equations to "compose" and play music.
Overloaded method names must differ by parameter count and type and not return type, right? Wrong! The VM knows the return type of all methods and with a little bytecode engineering, you can have methods that differ only by return type. Vinit Joglekar shows you how it's done.
Sun Campus Ambassadors Tom Martini Petreca and Lucas Torri talk about the Sun Campus Ambassador program and their work with SunSpots.
This mini talk addresses how Glassfish and OpenESB helped solve the problem of connecting disparate, secured networks for the purposes of running an exercise. These networks only allow incoming XMPP traffic to enter their domain. Gestalt’s, now part of Accenture, XMPP Binding Component coordinated a secure VPN to run an exercise. This solution decreased the exercise setup time from months to minutes.
In a special, unannounced Community Corner session from JavaOne 2008, Java creator James Gosling offers a wide-open Q&A session. Taking questions from audience members, Dr. Gosling discusses the creation of Java, what might go into Java 7, the future of Micro Edition Java, his thoughts on, his favorite non-Java language, closures, and more