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Shawn Fitzgerald, a regular participant in the Mobile & Embedded forums, talks about mobile development and the Microbus project.
In this installment of The Open Road, Elliotte Rusty Harold looks at the annotations proposed by JSR 305 and how they'll make your code more amenable to static analysis, compiler checks, and other tools to improve safety and robustness.
Max Mu shows off his Play Station Portable that is running a port of PhoneME. They are currently working on a port to Nintendo DS.
Diane Wolff and Melanie Crouch of Virgina Western Community College are starting a new degree program of mobile programming at their community college that is geared to meet the needs of the Roanoke, VA business community.
Not only is Kepler's Orrery a pleasing simulation for the eye and the ear, but it can be used as a powerful tool to teach gravity and how delicate of a balance our solar system is in.
This session describes the architecture of the GreenFire project, especially: - Usage of JSR-223 (Scripting Integration) in Java EE 6 / 6 environment for the implementation of flexible rule systems - Reporting - Using EJB 3 timer service - Java EE compatible hardware integration - SunSPOT and sensor network integration - Using Java FX together with Swing and EJB 3 - Sensor Testing (with Junit and mocking) - Speech synthesizer integration (FreeTTS) - Management and monitoring of heating system over the internet - Mobile device Integration - Integration of Multi Media Center Systems
Wonderland is an interesting 3D collaboration application. It uses the darkstar server as backend. Project goal is porting the Wonderland's communication and persistence layer to Glassfish v2 (later v3) to leverage its non-functional capabilities like monitoring, management, deployment and scaleability. In this shorttalk, especially the architecture and design, as well as, challenges, hacks, and workarounds will be discussed.
Plain old text-only JTable cells are boring, but once you start to mix multiple types of cell renderers in a table, your getTableCellRendererComponent() method can get completely out of control. In this article, Michael Bar-Sinai offers a performant and clever alternative.
Jonathan Knudsen talks about his new book, Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA and his tutorial on the Light Weight UI Toolkit.
The City and County of San Francisco (Department of the Environment) and Marin County are collaborating with the City of Oakland Public Works on an effort to assess and promote solar power opportunities in our communities. The City and County of San Francisco and Marin have been doing digital assessments. We are collaborating with the City of Oakland to transition from a paper-based approach to a web-based approach where much of the effort is delegated to the client/server.