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Community's Gary Thompson moderates a roundtable discussion with James Liu and members of the OpenSolaris team in this Community Corner 2009 podcast, recorded at JavaOne.
Java Tools Community Leaders Toni Epple and Fabian Nardon speak with Juggy (Bruno Souza) in a wide ranging "conversation" in this Community Corner podcast recorded at JavaOne 2009.
Jim Wright interviews Pavel Suk (Director of the Prague Engineering Center) and Jakub Podlesak (head of the Prague JUG) in this Community Corner 2009 podcast.
In this interview, Gary Thompson talks with two of BlueJ's developers, Michael Kölling and Ian Utting.
In this interview, community manager Marla Parker speaks with Sun's Sandeep Konchady about Mural, a community to provide open source solutions to data management problems.
In this installment of The Open Road, Elliotte Rusty Harold relates the step-by-step process of building the JDK on Linux.
In this interview, program manager Gary Thompson interviews Curriki executive director Dr. Barbara "Bobbi" Kurshan and chief technology officer Joshua Marks.
David Flanagan kicks off a new column about the open source development of Java by looking at the OpenJDK and JDK7 projects and the language changes and APIs that might go into Java 7.
Marla Parker interviews Kohsuke Kawaguchi about the Hudson project, a popular continuous integration server.
Marla Parker interviews Joe Walker about the Direct Web Remoting project, which provides an infrastructure for developing Java-based Ajax web applications