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Web Development Tools

Learn how Facelets can help you speed up JSF development.
Eric Spiegelberg looks at the history of the Java Portlet spec and argues that the design and philosophy of Java web applications has moved on and left portlets behind.
Eric Spiegelberg offers a cleaner design for using DWR to allow an Ajax-based web application to provide server-side validation of client-side input.
Diego Adrian Naya Lazo shows you how to configure, run, and customize ClickStream to track users' movement through your site.
Daniel López shows how to use Groovy for the business logic of a fully MVC web app, swapping around view frameworks to prove its flexibility.
Chris Hardin shows how to use Ajax as part of reusable JSF components.
Katherine Martin shows how the Direct Web Remoting (DWR) library supports "reverse Ajax" to send asynchronous data from a server to a web client.
Dr. Xinyu Liu offers a guide to migrate from JSP to JSF, including the use of Facelets to help integrate the two.
Zarar Siddiqi shows how to speed up your AJAX work by adopting JSON, a library to convert Java objects to and from String representations, and combining it with the Dojo JavaScript library.
Jacobus Steenkamp combines AJAX and JSF to provide browser-based progress bars for HTTP file uploads.