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Sharfudeen Ashraf shows how a servlet filter can be used to provide transparent state management.
Paul Browne shows how to incrementally add AJAX functionality to an existing Struts-based web application.
Michael Jouravlev completes his wizard GUI for the Web, by building the web UI for the wizard model from part one of this series.
Michael Jouravlev shows how to build a robust wizard GUI for the Web, starting with the server-side data model.
takes you through Integrating ActionForms with POJOs. He writes that one of the complaints about Struts "is that unlike some of the newer web application frameworks (Spring, WebWork, JavaServer Faces, etc.) it can't deal directly with POJOs. As a result, people developing Struts applications often feel forced to spend a considerable amount of time and energy devising solutions to bridge...
This excerpted tutorial covers writing a simple Spring web application using the Struts MVC framework for the front end, Spring for the middle-tier glue, and Hibernate for the back end.
This tutorial that covers getting started with Struts -- just the basics, nothing more, nothing less. This tutorial assumes knowledge of Java, JDBC, servlets, J2EE (with regards to web applications) and JSP.