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Clark Richey talks about the email search capabilities provided by
Tom White wraps up his Nutch introduction by showing how to search a Nutch index and how to integrate it with your application.
Tom White introduces Nutch, an open source search engine written entirely in Java. In part one, he shows how Nutch's crawler builds the index.
Improving the BrainFeed end-user experience with a Swing thick client.
An introduction to the standards-based architecture of Joshua Marinacci's BrainFeed web application.
Bill Grosso begins exploring an Internet application built for the "Internet Operating System" on top of the Google APIs: Googleminer.
Erik Hatcher continues his series on Lucene with a look at using the QueryParser. Three things are needed: an expression, the default field name to use for unqualified fields in the expression, and an analyzer to pieces of the expression.
Lucene is a high-performance, scalable, search engine technology. The first part of this article takes you through an example of using Lucene to index all the text files in a directory and its subdirectories. The remainder provides examples of analysis and searching.