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Tim McCune looks at the antipatterns--bad solutions to common problems--found in exception handling code. If you've wondered whether to catch, log, or let an exception go, this article will show you what not to do.
Chris Hardin shows how an RSS parser from a Sun tutorial can be used in your own RSS applications.
Ivelin Ivanov introduces the JAIN SLEE server spec built for high-availability VoIP servers, and its open source implementation, the Mobicents project.
Krishna Srinivasan looks at how the "unified" expression language for JSP and JSF allows you to work with both technologies.
This "stupid question" is about the serialVersionUID field: what does it do, when do you have to override it (and how), and what can go wrong if you do?
Chet Haase takes a look at some of the things that make animation look choppy, and offers programmatic approaches to improving the appearance of Java animations.
Jacobus Steenkamp combines AJAX and JSF to provide browser-based progress bars for HTTP file uploads.
Jeff Friesen shows how to create an image-editing application, with custom effects and a handy status bar.
Randy J. Ray introduces the ROME project, which simplifies working with RSS and Atom web syndication feeds.
Sanjay Dasgupta introduces the a-jar-stdio-terminal project, which provides a GUI terminal to handle the "standard I/O" streams of the System class for double-clickable JAR apps.