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Web services and mash-ups of web services really bring a whole new dimension to the web and mobile computing. Terrence Barr, Vincent Hardy, and Akhil Arora have create Mobile AJAXas a subproject of the meapplicationdeveloper project to make it very easy for the Java ME developer to harness the power of Ajax-style web services. Interesting applications can be built by combining (mashing-up)...
phoneME Advanced has just released the MR2 Development Release that includes a both source and binary releases. Hinkmond Wong, the project lead, says this release features Window CE and Mobile support with an MIDP stack. Hinkmond also discusses the ports currently going on with Linux GTK and phones where this can be run and future development directions. Don't forget to take the Topic for...
phoneME UI Labs is the one stop resource for developers to learn about the advanced UI technologies in Java ME platform. Aastha Bhardwaj talks about scalable vector graphics (SVG) in JSR 226 and JSR 287 and the demos that developers can find in UI Labs.
Java DB is Sun's supported distribution of the open source Apache Derby 100% Java technology database. Rick Hillegas, Sun Senior Staff Engineer and Apache Derby developer, provides insights into uses of JavaDB, developing in a distributed environment and upcoming features in the next release of JavaDB.
The Hecl Programming Language is a high-level, open source scripting language implemented in Java. It is intended to be small, extensible, extremely flexible, and easy to learn and use. In fact, it's small enough that it runs on J2ME-enabled cell phones! David Welton, Hecl project owner, gives us a full view of this scripting language.
Derek Lyon shares their experience in using JavaME technologies on multiple phones, the custom frameworks the company developed, marketing, and how they identified the demographics of their target audience in delivering a whole host of entertainment products in both audio and video formats. For more information about MSPOT go to their website.
Fabiane Nardon and Daniel Lopez, the Java Tools Community Leaders, talk about their community, mobile projects in the community, and how the Mobile and Embedded Community and Java Tools Community can work together. They also share their experiences in developing mobile applications. For more information on the Java Tools Community go to their community page or look at their past newletters.
Mauricio Leal, Mobility Application Developer and Advocate, discusses the challenges and issues for Developers and Carriers, shares his insight on ever emerging role of mobile devices, and its impact to help bridge the digital divide in developing countries.
Mark Jacobstein, EVP Corporate Development and Marketing, describes Loopt social networking application for mobile devices and the development issues of permissions, safety, and working with operators and other third party developers. He also discusses the various changes in social behavior that software like this are likely to bring.
Dalibor Topic, open source Java advocate and Kaffe lead developer, shares his interest on Java ME, the possibility of using Java SE in embedded systems, and how open source projects like Cafe and Classpath will move forward after Sun's open sourcing of the Java platform. He also shares his thoughts on his role as a member of the OpenJDK Interim Board of Governance and gives Sun a scorecard...