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Joshua Marinacci puts JXMapViewer to work by showing how you can bring in geographic data from external sources and use Painters to create custom geodata GUIs.
In an example inspired by the the <i>Filthy Rich Clients</i> book he co-authored, Chet Haase introduces the <a href="">Animated Transitions</a> library, which can help you achieve animated transition effects in your Swing application.
In this article, Kirill Grouchnikov shows off techniques to find and fix bugs relating to Swing event dispatch thread misuse.
Biswajit Sarkar has an introduction to drawing, loading, and animating SVG images in ME.
The UISpec4J project makes GUIs more testable and is well suited to agile development processes like Extreme Programming.
Image.getScaledInstance() is a false friend! Chris Campbell checks in with where image scaling is in Java SE 6 and what we might see in JDK 7.
Slav Boleslawski has some better ideas for a "navigable image viewer," and in this article, he shows how to use Java 2D to achieve them.
Sometimes what you need is not an enormous framework, but a grab bag of bite-size morsels. That's what Jeff Friesen has in this article, which offers three commonly needed graphic conveniences, implemented with the Image I/O package.
Kirill Grouchnikov shows how to develop custom Swing components with unique behavior and appearance, beyond what's available in the default Swing widgets.
Richard Bair shows how to create mashups in Swing--Smashups--by using web-savvy code behind your GUI to communicate with web servers.