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Sonya Barry moderates a roundtable discussion with the Alice Team in this Community Corner 2009 podcast, recorded at JavaOne.
2009-07-20 Robotics Community members Jim Wright, Bruce Boyes, Roger Brinkley, and Brian Jenkins have a round table discussion about robotics and education, in this Community Corner 2009 podcast.
Educator Dragutin Petkovic talks with's Gary Thompson in this Community Corner 2009 podcast recorded at JavaOne, presenting a synopsis of a Global Software Engineering class.
Author/educator Paul Deitel provides an overview of the two-chapter ATM Object-Oriented Design and Implementation Case Study in "Java: How to Program", and discusses his experiences teaching it.
In this interview, Gary Thompson talks with two of BlueJ's developers, Michael Kölling and Ian Utting.
Chris Hardin shows how an RSS parser from a Sun tutorial can be used in your own RSS applications.
Java Tech columnist Jeff Friesen continues his exploration of the beginner-oriented IDE, BlueJ, by looking at its support for debugging, unit testing, building executable JAR files, configuration, internationalization,
Jeff Friesen introduces BlueJ, which teaches Java without the non-OO hassles by providing a visual environment for creating, relating, and modifying classes and objects.
An introduction to the requirement/scoping process via a case study of Schoolbus, a project, and its module to manage questions for quizzes, tests, and homework.
These excerpts from the book "Extreme Software Engineering: A Hands-On Approach" present tutorials on testing first, with unit tests using JUnit and customer -written tests with the Fit framework.