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Learn how to take control of your own layout manager to get more control over the appearance of your layout.
This article aims to show how you can use the Informa API to quickly access RSS feeds to add dynamic news and information content to your web sites.
JUnit is the glue that holds many open source projects together. But JUnit has problems performing multithreaded unit tests. This article introduces a JUnit extension library designed to enable multithreaded unit testing in JUnit.
2003-08-06 is itself a community. These are unedited notes from the first community meeting held during this year's JavaOne conference.
It is time to strip applications of complex UIs and give users direct access to the business objects. The concept is simple: write behaviorally complete business model objects and use generic views and controllers.
Selecting the correct level of abstraction that hides the complexity of the implementation (but provides adequate control of the relevant details) can be a daunting task. Everyone has different ideas regarding "adequate control" and "relevant details."
This year's JavaOne conference attendence was about the same size as last year, with about 12,000 attendees, but the mood was upbeat. People are moving forward to make things happen. Barring some new huge shock to the system, author John Mitchell is taking this as a leading indicator that we've reached the bottom are heading back up.
The Java Research License (JRL) was introduced at JavaOne as a new open source license for universities and research. A panel of bloggers talk about the new license and invite you into the discussion.
How to do the most common database manipulations from servlets and JSP pages.