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gray bridesmaid dresses_How to Make Tulle Birdseed Wedding Flowers_beach wedding dresses uk

Posted by weddingdress2013 on March 30, 2013 at 5:35 PM PDT


Lay the five-inch square tulle pieces flat and place one tablespoon birdseed in the center. The tulle will be gathered around the make sure the birdseed is centered to avoid spilling during the following steps.

Gather the tulle around the birdseed.grabbing the top of the tulle with the thumb and forefinger. Dab a drop of glue in the center to help secure the gathered tulle. Press the bottom of the tulle on a flat surface to flatten the flower bottom.

Tie the fishing line around the gathered tulle near gray bridesmaid dresses your thumb and forefinger. Tie the line tight and knot two or three times. Trim the fishing line it will be hidden under the tulle gray bridesmaid dresses

Bend the green wire at a 90-degree angle a half inch below an end. Use the hot glue gun to attach the beach wedding dresses uk bent end of the green wire to the bottom of the birdseed tulle flower. Lay each flower on a tray to allow them to dry beach wedding dresses uk

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