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Hydra Aqua Treatment

Posted by johnedgar123 on March 30, 2012 at 6:15 AM PDT


Hydra International Ltd are major chemical formulators, manufacturers and suppliers of high performance biological treatments, cleaning, maintenance and hygiene products. ISO-9001 ISO-14001 CERTIFIED PRODUCTS FOR AQUATIC TREATMENTS Hydra Quartz Removes Blanket Weed & String Algae from Koi/Fish Ponds,Lakes, Water Traps, Natural Pools & Irrigation Systems Features & Benefits • Hydra Quartz is a complex blend of natural minerals and sequestrants. 100% biodegradable and free from additives which can cause toxic effects or oxygen deprivation • It works the same safe way as barley straw but instantly. No waiting weeks to see results and no messy smelly straw to remove. • Rapidly removes blanket Weed/String Algae - results can be seen in minutes. • Harmless to All fish, birds, reptiles, invertebrates, humans, animals, mammals, and water plants. • Hydra Quartz promotes clear healthy water by chelating and absorbing nitrites, phosphates and other pollutants. These nutrients are used as a food source for blanket weed. • Does not alter the pH balance of the water. • Safe on all surfaces including concrete and synthetic liners. Will not effect pumps or filters. How Does Hydra Quart Work & How To Use • Simply broadcast Hydra Quartz over surface to be treated. • As Hydra Quartz locks onto the blanket weed/string algae it absorbs and chelates the nutrients which feed the blanket weed. • Leave until starved blanket weed dies and remove from pond. • If the dead blanket weed is not removed it will eventually decompose and sink to the bottom of the pond/lake. Usage Rates • Initial Treatment - 800g treats 10,000 litres (1:12,500). • Maintenance Treatment – 800g treats 40,000 litres (1:50,000). • 3.5 kilos treats 43,750 (initial dose) - 175,000 litres (maintenance dose) • 16 kilos treats 200,000 (initial dose) - 800,000 litres (maintenance dose) For more information please visit our website :