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How to call a java program from an applet?

Posted by prativa on December 17, 2011 at 2:41 AM PST


Hi, I want to call a java program from an applet which is on a webpage.The java program we are using is placed on the client machine. When we click on the applet i have the following code in the applet action . if(actionevent.getActionCommand().equals("Credit Card")) { System.out.println("Test print2 new"); FileOutputStream fileoutputstream = new FileOutputStream("c:\\POS\\account1new.txt"); Runtime runtime = Runtime.getRuntime(); System.out.println("Test print"); String s = "java run2"; debug.log("Before javatestMSR"); Process process = runtime.exec(s); debug.log("After Execute javatestMSR new"); System.out.println("s value "+s); PrintLog streamgobbler = new PrintLog(process.getErrorStream(), "ERROR"); PrintLog streamgobbler1 = new PrintLog(process.getInputStream(), "OUTPUT", fileoutputstream); streamgobbler.start(); streamgobbler1.start(); int i = process.waitFor(); System.out.println("i value "+i); fileoutputstream.flush(); fileoutputstream.close(); //File file = new File("c:\\POS\\account1.txt"); //file.delete(); } But i am unable to run the java programme run2 on my PC. Please note i have successfully done the following. 1> Added the run2 class in the classpath. 2> Am able to run the claas run2 in command line from any location 3> If i run the above applet as a stand alone programme in the client machine, i am able to run the programme. Problem : I am unable to run the java programme run2 when i put it in a JSP page and try running from the web browser like shown below: Please advice. How can I change the setting in JVM for Java environment in client or server side to run this programme from web browser. Thanks, Prativa