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Silicon Valley Code Camp v8.0 concluded over the weekend. I've attended each code camp since the introduction of Java. The code camp has stuck to its three core principles from the beginning: By and for the developer community (no product or marketing pitches); No charge to attendees; Never occurs during work hours. The code camp has shown constant growth over its lifespan... This year I also volunteered to coordinate a new track focused on enabling future generation of developers. It was astounding to see kids from elementary school, middle school, and early high school learning programming skills...


JSF component providers provide components with semantic meaning like e.g. navigation bar, header, footer or panel. Future JSF releases could use HTML 5 logical page structure to enforce the semantic output in the spec. e.g. instead of generating the navigation bar in a div container, a component provider could generate a navigation component within a nav . Currently (Java EE7) component providers can generate whatever markup they like: even nested HTML tables would be still perfectly fine. Structuring the page logically and not visually would open the door for JSF for...


The thread of Java Embedded and Internet of Things was woven into all aspects of JavaOne this year and very prominent at OpenWorld as well. The 3rd IT Revolution is happening fast, and there is no doubt Oracle and Partners are throwing their muscle behind it. Watch the keynotes to recap...


PrimeFaces 4 has been released. The PrimeFaces Push components has been updated to use some of the cool new features of Atmosphere 2.0! To name a few: Atmosphere


The latest issue of Java Magazine, which takes as its theme


The Java Embedded Challenge for Raspberry Pi this year was a first at JavaOne. For 3 days, attendees built Java Embedded applications using sensors, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, a Gemalto board, and a Beagle board. With limited or no prior Java Embedded experience, attendees created seven amazing and very different projects...


The biggest change coming in Java 8 is Project Lambda (JSR 335), which supports programming in multicore environments by adding closures and related features to the language. Reinhold called it the single largest upgrade to the programming model, ever -- larger even than generics. "It's the first time since the beginning of Java that we've done a carefully coordinated co-evolution of the virtual machine, the language, and the libraries all together," he said. "And yet the result still feels like Java"...


This year JavaOne started like in the old years- in the Moscone Center. Sunday's keynote consisted of two parts: strategy and technology. The main message of the strategy part was "the same programming model with Java 8 everywhere". The technology part was interesting, relevant and entertaining. Either I was extremely fortunate, or the advisory board did a great job this year... All sessions I attended were really good. I learned a lot, enjoyed the time. I think it was the best JavaOne under "Oracle's Stewardship" so far...


The September/October 2013 edition of Java Magazine honors this year's Duke Choice Award winners... NetBeans Platform projects that won this year are: GEONS Ground Support System, National Aeronautics and Space Administration; OpenSim, The National Institutes of Health Center for Biomedical Computation and National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research; Jessikommand, Robotswim; and Neuroph, University of Belgrade


Here are my impressions from the 18th Java One. Java SE 8 is around the corner, Java EE 7 was just released, and both are a joy to use. NetBeans 7.4 is awesome. And yet, people were strangely blas


Ed Burns, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, and Kinman Chung, Principle Member of Technical Staff, both at Oracle, presented a session on Monday in which they described new features in JSR 341, Expression Language (EL) 3.0. They discussed the APIs for the use of EL in standalone environments and EL syntax for new operators, plus lambda expressions, and...


Adam Bien, who is not only a Java Champion and JavaOne Rock Star, but was named in 2010 as Oracle Magazine


On Tuesday, Oracle Technology Evangelist Simon Ritter presented a session that demonstrated how a simple Raspberry Pi computer could be connected to an Audi to access far more information about the inner workings of the Audi than is currently available. Ritter, a great showman who has entertained thousands of JavaOne attendees over the years with his Java tricks, communicated his contagious passion for gadgets


On Tuesday afternoon, noted Java EE authors Arun Gupta and Antonio Goncalves offered a whirlwind tour of new features in


Government... Isn't interacting with it your favorite social pastime? What? It's not? OK, so what don't you like about it? What? You're saying that, in your country, you can't just log into your favorite government sites and experience speedy, reliable, secure services? I'll guess, then, that you must not live in Ecuador... Poor you! ...


Chip maker Freescale and Oracle are announcing an initiative to create standards for gateways that can deal with a flood of data from devices associated with the


Mark Reinhold, Oracle


At the JavaOne 2013 Java Technical Keynote, there was a series of demos of software that enables two people to play chess, using some of Java's latest features, including Java EE 7 Websockets, many variations of Java 8 (recent weekly builds), Lambda Expressions, Java ME, Embedded Java, ... It was an impressive demo of many of Java's recently-released and not-yet-finally-released capabilities...


John Duimovich, Java CTO and IBM Distinguished Engineer, took the stage at Sunday


It has been a while in the making and now Project Avatar is here - and is under an Open Source license! Download Avatar from, take a look at the sample applications, ask questions, and provide feedback. Over the coming weeks and months, we'll publish more documentation and samples to help you get started...


Honored at JavaOne, the 2013 Duke's Choice Awards prove that lots of innovation is happening in the Java community. Ranging from ?the serious and cerebral to the practical, amusing, and entertaining, this year


Embedded @ JavaOne is really coming into its own this year. Lots of cool and relevant topics, content, and activities related to Java and embedded. A quick sampler: Keynotes: Be sure to watch the JavaOne keynotes for embedded announcements and some cool demos


Meet and discuss everything about Java with Oracle and community experts at the OTN Lounge and the DEMOground in the exhibit hall! During the breaks, you can meet our special guests at the Lounge- top experts to talk to you about Java Magazine, Java User Groups (JUGs), Smart Sensors, Java Community Process (JCP), and Java EE/GlassFish. At the Java DEMOground, watch demos and talk to Oracle architects, engineers and evangelists about Java SE, JavaFX, Java EE, Java ME Embedded and the Internet of Things...


Java Champion Johan Vos takes a look at what's happening in the world of Java technology and gets ready for JavaOne 2013. Johan has a long and diverse history working with Java. He first did research in Java in 1995 while working on his PhD in applied physics and soon joined the Blackdown team and ported Java 1.2 to Linux/SPARC. He subsequently worked as a Java consultant and...


This is an informal overview of the enhancements to the Java programming language specified by JSR 335 and implemented in the OpenJDK Lambda Project... The high-level goal of Project Lambda is to enable programming patterns that require modeling code as data to be convenient and idiomatic in Java. The principal new language features include: Lambda expressions; Method and constructor; references; Expanded target typing and type inference; Default and static methods in interfaces. These are described and illustrated below...


With JavaOne around the corner, at least some of you are probably planning out your session schedules next week or the week after. To help you navigate the sessions you might want to attend, I thought I'd write a brief entry highlighting some of the key Java EE/GlassFish related content this year. This is obviously a pretty important JavaOne with the Java EE 7/GlassFish 4 releases, so there's a lot of it. Below are the sessions I think you should seriously consider...


Nominations for the 2013 JCP Executive Committee (EC) are now open! This year will be an exciting election since the current EC Members and any prospective new EC Members will run for election--24 EC seats will be ratified or elected by the JCP Program Membership. Exact details for nomination submissions are available on the JCP EC Elections page. The JCP will accept self-nominations for the 8 Elected Seats through 26 September...


The releases of ControlsFX keep rolling out the door! This month we have another developer preview release of ControlsFX 8.0.2 available for download. As usual, this release adds a bunch of bug fixes and new features. The most notable changes in this release include: Support for dates in the PropertySheet control; Support for icon font packs; Improved worker progress dialog...


Students get a FREE Discover Pass for JavaOne. This is the chance to learn about Java and network with experienced Java professionals. To be eligible, students must be: At least 18 years-old; Taking a minimum of 6 units; Enrolled in a nonprofit institution of learning. A lot of benefits come with the Discover pass. They include...


The JDK 8 Developer Preview (a.k.a. Milestone 8) builds are now available! This milestone is intended for broad testing by developers. We