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Roger Brinkley: Java Spotlight Episode 124: Chris Vignola on JSR 352 Batch Applications for the Java Platform @ChrisVignola

Interview with Chris Vignola of IBM on JSR352 Batch Applications for the Java Platform. Chris works for the IBM AIM Software organization and is the lead architect for WebSphere Systems Management. He is also the spec lead for JSR 352 Batch Applications for the Java Platform. He has over 28 years industry experience in architecture and development of software systems, including...

Chris Mayer: JBoss open up commercial AS binaries to all

Red Hat division JBoss have made the binaries for their Enterprise Application Platform available to developers within the community. The decision, detailed by JBoss Director Mark Little, means that once JBoss begin to commercialise each major community edition of JBoss Application Server, they will now release all relevant EAP builds to developers for free. The latest release is...

Micha Kops: Micro Benchmarking your Tests using JUnit and JUnitBenchmarks

I recently stumbled upon a nice framework that allows converting simple JUnit tests into micro benchmarks named JUnitBenchmarks. It also allows setting basic benchmark options and generating charts by adding some simple annotations and a test rule to your tests. One might argue if it is wise to mix the aspects of testing and benchmarking, and...

Chris Mayer: Java to find its way onto iOS devices?

A new OpenJDK proposal could help remove several boundaries Java developers face building on iOS. Previously, getting a Java application on an Apple device was a logistical nightmare. Though there are already workarounds for developers, such as Oracle ADF Mobile, the JVM is still effectively outlawed on iOS. However, a new Open JDK Java Enhancement Proposal...

Blaise Doughan: JAXB and java.util.Map

Is it ironic that it can be difficult to map the java.util.Map class in JAXB (JSR-222)? In this post I will cover some items that will make it much easier. Below is the Java model that we will use for this example...

Roger Brinkley: Java Spotlight Episode 123: Mark Heckler on JavaFX and Java in government @MkHeck

Java/Middleware/Core Tech Engineer Mark Heckler on JavaFx, JavaEE and Embedded Java in the government sector. Mark has worked with key players in the manufacturing, emerging markets, retail, medical, telecom, and financial industries to develop and deliver critical capabilities on time and on budget. Currently he works with large government customers using Java...

Java Magazine Highlights Embedded Java

The lastest issue of Java Magazine (a free digital publication by the community, for the community), now offers useful technical information for you to advance your programming expertise with Java Embedded. Topics such as "The Top 10 Reasons to use Java in Embedded Apps" as well as "Java on the Raspberry Pi" will help you in your exploration and learning of Java Embedded. Get the latest issue now!

Sharon Zakhour: Java Tutorial Updated!

An update of the Java Tutorial has gone live. This March 1st, 2013 edition of the tutorial contains early access information on some upcoming Java SE 8 features: *Lambda expressionsare a feature being added to the JDK 8 release of the Java platform.... *The Annotations page has been moved and expanded to be a full Annotations lesson... *The lesson Service Providers for Internationalization includes the new section Installing a Custom Resource Bundle as an Extension... (New material currently available online only)...

Spotlight 2

Spotlight 2



Tori Wieldt: Java in the Internet of Things

In this video, I talk to Product Manager for Small Embedded Java Terrence Barr at Embedded World. He gave presentations that included the slide that said "Stop Reinventing the Plumbing." I asked him what that means... In summary, Java already has the connectivity, manageability, interoperability, and back-end integration you need...

Arun Gupta: Transparency and Community Participation in Java EE 7

Ever since the launch of Java EE 7 and its component JSRs, Oracle has been very committed to a high level of transparency for all of the JSRs under the Java EE 7 umbrella. We're so excited that increased transparency has resulted in more useful feedback that has improved the Java EE platform. Let me tell you what we've done, how it's helped, and how you can get involved too...

Jonathan Giles: Announcing Scenic View 8.0.0 Developer Preview 2

Today I’m pleased to make available an updated Scenic View 8.0.0 release (that is, the version of Scenic View targeted at JavaFX 8.x). This release is mainly to keep Scenic View working with the latest JavaFX 8.0 APIs. In addition a number of bugs have been resolved to make Scenic View slightly more usable (but there is still a lot broken and/or disabled). If you are still having trouble getting Scenic View to start...

Bruno Borges: SouJava JUG meeting at Oracle Brasil

On Thursday Feb 21th, Oracle Brasil welcomed the SouJava JUG to its new Oracle Office in Sao Paulo. SouJava holds several meetings in different places. Companies like Red Hat, Google, and GlobalCode have offered their offices for previous meetings. Bruno Souza was there to talk about the importance of the Adopt a JSR program and the participation of JUGs on the Java Community Process...

Reza Rahman: Java EE 7 Schema Namespace Moving to

The schema namespace for Java EE 7 APIs is moving from to now perhaps a more fitting You are encouraged to take a look at the latest Java EE 7 draft schemas at: Some of the updated schemas include...

Joseph D. Darcy: Functional Interfaces

As part of Project Lambda, after discussion with the JSR 335 expert group, we decided to add a FunctionalInterface annotation type to the platform. To a first approximation, functional interfaces are those interface types which define only a single method and are therefore usable in lambda expressions. The new annotation type allows a library designer to clearly indicate...

Kaivan Karimi: The potential and pitfalls of the Internet of Things (white paper)

We’re entering a new era of computing technology that many are calling the Internet of Things (IoT). Machine to machine, machine to infrastructure, machine to environment, the Internet of Everything, the Internet of Intelligent Things, intelligent systems—call it what you want, but it’s happening, and its potential is huge. What does the IoT need to become a reality? In this white paper...

Henrik Stahl: Oracle JDK 7u15 and 6u41 released

Oracle has released a Critical Patch Update which includes updates to JDK 6 and 7. More information about this CPU is available on and in the releases notes (7u15, 6u41). The JDK releases are available from the following download sites: for end-user desktops and Oracle Technology Network for developers. Note that this JDK 6 release is the final public update of JDK 6. For more information...

Reza Rahman: JavaOne 2012 Videos Now on YouTube

Many folks have consistently said that viewing JavaOne videos on the Content Management Tool used by Oracle is not ideal. You will be happy to know that the JavaOne San Francisco 2012 videos are now on YouTube via the Oracle Learning Portal (OLP). The videos are 100% free for anyone to view. Besides the OLP Landing Page on YouTube, the videos are organized by the JavaOne 2012 Technical Tracks on the following links...

Micha Kops: Using Apache Camel with Scala and the Camel Scala DSL

Whenever I encounter a situation where I have to mix a blend of different services and endpoints and apply one or more of the traditional enterprise integration patterns then Apache Camel often is my weapon of choice. I love how easy it is to set up datasources, add routing magic, data transformers, load balancers, content enrichers and enjoy the result. In the following tutorial...

Tori Wieldt (The Java Source) - New Java Champion: Charlie Nutter

Congratulations to the newest Java Champion, Charles Oliver Nutter! Charlie is the main force (along with Thomas Enebo) behind JRuby, a JVM-based Ruby implementation that competes extremely well on features and performance with other Ruby implementations. Charlie was instrumental from day one in ensuring that the new invokedynamic functionality worked well for dynamic languages on the JVM. He continues...

Markus Eisele - The Heroes of Java: Marcus Hirt

Lets continue the "Heroes of Java" series. Today's interview has been planned nearly since the launch of the series and I knew that it would be a tough one to get. I know Marcus since a few years now and he is always busy providing the best diagnostic tools to Java developers. Thanks for finally joining, Marcus! It is a pleasure to have you here!...

Tomasz Nurkiewicz: Don't rely on unit tests alone

When you are building a complex system, barely testing components in isolation is not enough. It's crucial, but not enough. Imagine a car factory that manufactures and imports highest quality parts, but after assembling the vehicle never starts the engine. If your test case suite consists barely of unit tests, you can never be sure that the system as a whole works...

Arun Gupta: Jfokus 2013 Trip Report - A Magnificent Spectacle

This was my third consecutive year (2012, 2011) at Jfokus and the organizing committee, and Mattias Karlsson in particular, continue to amaze me every year! As one of my colleague mentioned, it truly has become a "magnificent spectacle". With the conference sold out 2 weeks before the official start, 1550 attendees from 20+ countries were delighted by a barrage of international speakers. This was the biggest Jfokus ever and...

Jfokus 2013: Robots and Oceans with Liquid Robotics - James Gosling

Streamed Jfokus 2013 session about a fleet of autonomous vehicles that rove the ocean collecting data from a variety of on board sensors and uploading it to the cloud. The robots have a pile of satellite uplink/GSM/WiMAX communcation gear and redundant GPS units. For example...

Stephen Chin: Jfokus Stage Live Stream

Jfokus, the premiere Java conference in Northern Europe, is the final destination on the Nordic NightHacking Tour. I will be live streaming the activities on the Jfokus stage all day Tuesday (Feb 5) and Wednesday (Feb 6). This includes the Java Posse Live! event, James Gosling’s Liquid Robotics presentation, and interviews with Venkat Subramaniam, Holly Cummins, Noam Tenne, and Heinz Kabutz. Here is the full agenda grid...

Tori Wieldt: Critical Patch Update for Java SE

Oracle just released the February 2013 Critical Patch Update for Java SE. Oracle accelerated the release of this update because active exploitation “in the wild” of one of the vulnerabilities affecting the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in desktop browsers has been addressed with this Critical Patch Update...

Reza Rahman: JCache to Miss Java EE 7

We are very sad to report that JCache (JSR 107) missed a few critical deadlines and will not make it in time for Java EE 7. This is undoubtedly disapointing to many of you as the community indicated strong support for JCache in the well-participated Java EE 7 survey. However, the consensus on both the Java EE 7 and JCache EGs was that it is best to not hold up Java EE 7 any further...

Jack Shirazi: Java Performance Tuning Newsletter 146

This year I'll be categorizing all the tools we've ever published and noting how long since they were last updated, which is useful to know in some cases. This month's categorized tool page is the GC log analysis tools from last month. Over the year, I'll add categories for every type of tool I've referenced over the last 12 years. Now on to our usual links, including new tools, news, articles, and extracted tips from this month's referenced articles...

Neal Ford: The languages

"Leveraging Groovy, Scala, and Clojure in an increasingly polyglot world"... This article launches a new developerWorks series by Neal Ford that performs a deep comparison of three next-generation JVM languages: Groovy, Scala, and Clojure. In this initial installment, find out what you'll gain from understanding their similarities and differences...