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Educator Dragutin Petkovic talks with's Gary Thompson in this Community Corner 2009 podcast recorded at JavaOne, presenting a synopsis of a Global Software Engineering class.
July 7, 2009
Owen Kellett talks about the Project Darkstar, the open source massive online gaming platform, in this Community Corner 2009 podcast recorded at JavaOne.
July 6, 2009
A conversation with the organizers of Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days/Latin America in Goiania, Brazil.
July 6, 2009
How to leverage undocumented JavaFX capabilities to support custom cursors in JavaFX versions 1.2 and 1.1.1.
July 14, 2009
Clark Richey talks about the email search capabilities provided by
July 6, 2009
Matt Stine talks about the lessons he has learned in creating and leading a Java User Group.
Matt Stine
July 2, 2009
Author/educator Paul Deitel provides an overview of the two-chapter ATM Object-Oriented Design and Implementation Case Study in "Java: How to Program", and discusses his experiences teaching it.
July 1, 2009
Felipe Gaucho tells Jim Wright about the PUJ (Prêmio Universitário Java) Java User Group Contest
July 1, 2009
The Java Tools Community and SQE Project Leaders talk about Java Tools, SQE, and more, in a Community Corner roundtable at JavaOne 2009.
Toni Epple
June 22, 2009
This tutorial shows how to set up a BlackBerry development environment, and walks through the development of three example BlackBerry applications.
July 2, 2009
This article shows how a JavaFX client can call remote JavaEE services using the Spring framework and the Hessian protocol.
June 30, 2009
Victor D'yakov talks about the new Java Device Testing Framework project in the Mobile & Embedded Community
June 17, 2009
How to set up a Continuous Integration build job to compile and test your Grails application in Hudson, for automated continuous integration.
June 23, 2009
Eric Areseneau talks about Java now being available for the FIRST 2010 Competition.
May 27, 2009
JAXB and JPA can be combined to reduce the Java EE boilerplate code and optimize the performance of RESTful web services, exposing domain models while following JPA, JAXB, and HTTP standards.
June 4, 2009
This article describes the internal structure of JavaFX binding and its underlying Locations framework, and demonstrates how JavaFX binding can be applied to Swing.
June 2, 2009
Roger Brinkley and Terrence Barr preview JavaOne 2009 for mobile, media and embedded developers.
May 14, 2009
Zero and Shark integrate with the HotSpot VM to provide a zero-assembly port of OpenJDK, enabling its implementation on the multiple hardware platforms Red Hat supports.
May 21, 2009
Java Native Access (JNA) bridges the worlds of Java and legacy code, eliminating the need to rewrite the legacy code or implement expensive proprietary bridging solutions.
May 20, 2009
JSR 290 developers Natalia Medvedenko and Petr Panteleyev talk about JSR 290 and the new power it will give Java ME developers.
May 4, 2009
Roy Ben Hayun on Java ME on Symbian OS
April 24, 2009
Vladimir Savchenko of Sound of Motion talks about their Java ME application that transforms their cycles into advanced cycling computer.
April 7, 2009
Daniel Green from Sun Microsystems talks about computers in education, getting kids excited, and computer clubs on thumb drives.
March 30, 2009
Ian Utting from the University of Kent and BlueJ and Greenfoot development talks about both products while at SIG/CSE
March 13, 2009
Solomon Saul of DigiQuest shares his experience with games development on TV with Java as a programming language and the transition of DigiQuest products to mobile devices.
March 3, 2009
Tomas Brandalik and David Pulkrabek tell about the new features in the Early Access release of the Java ME Software Developer Kit
February 25, 2009
Francesco Azzola shows how to retrieve XML data via HTTP and parse it with JavaFX's XML parser.
February 12, 2009
Eric Klein, VP of Java Marketing, tells you just about everything you want to know about the Java FX 1.1 release that is targeting mobile devices.
February 11, 2009
Thomas Schüppel of bit-side talks with Terrence about his companies experience developing on mobile devices.
February 5, 2009
Daniel Steinberg did a walk about the floor at the Mobile, Media and eMbedded Developer Days soliciting comments from the various attendees.
January 27, 2009