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S. E. Morris pushes the client-side features of the Google Web Toolkit by creating client-only apps that use scrolling, animation, mouse tracking, and more.
June 27, 2006
Ajith Ranabahu looks at how Apache Axis2 provides flexibility for different code generation scenarios.
June 22, 2006
Ralf Stuckert shows you how the latest version of EasyMock uses Java SE 5.0 features to simplify testing.
June 20, 2006
This "stupid question" is about JAR files. I know I can put all my classes in a JAR file, but what else does it do for me?
June 15, 2006
John Ferguson Smart shows how JAX-WS 2.0, annotations, and a suitable application server like GlassFish, make it much easier to roll out spec-compliant web services.
June 13, 2006
Joshua Marinacci shows how to build the complete address book GUI application, letting the EJB 3 Java Persistence API take care of storing addresses, emails, IM names, etc.
June 8, 2006
Binildas C. A. shows how to use Tomcat to create web applications that withstand high loads of concurrent users.
June 6, 2006
John Ferguson Smart introduces Apache Continuum, an open source continuous integration tool.
May 30, 2006
Links to announcement pages and MP3's for mini-talks presented at and podcast from's Community Corner mini-talks at JavaOne 2006
May 23, 2006
Joshua Marinacci combines the EJB3 Java Persistence API with Hibernate and HSQLDB to achieve easy, lightweight persistence for the desktop developer.
May 25, 2006
With Java EE ready and Mustang in its beta release, what can you expect to see at the JavaOne conference? editor Chris Adamson checks in with a collection of themes, ideas, and currents to watch for in Moscone.
May 11, 2006
Michael Jouravlev introduces the JSP Controls Tag Library, a portlet-like JSP library that allows for stateful, self-rendering web page components that interact with Ajax.
May 4, 2006
This "stupid question" is about the JavaOne Conference. My company is paying for me to attend. When should I get there? What should I plan on doing? What shouldn't I bother doing?
May 2, 2006
Zarar Siddiqi shows how to speed up your AJAX work by adopting JSON, a library to convert Java objects to and from String representations, and combining it with the Dojo JavaScript library.
April 27, 2006
Kobi Krasnoff introduces game development in Java ME by showing the pieces that make up a simple basketball game for mobile phones.
April 25, 2006
Jacobus Steenkamp shows how to convert Swing components to server-side images and use them in web applications.
April 20, 2006
Ulrik Sandberg and Mattias Arthursson introduce LdapTemplate, a Spring-based library to simplify working with LDAP from Java.
April 18, 2006
Jeff Friesen shows how to use a free implementation of the Java Speech API to create a program that reads the text of Swing and AWT components as a user mouses over them.
April 13, 2006
JSR-223 brings scripting languages to the Java platform, complete with the ability to work with Java objects and thus the extensive Java class libraries. Thomas Kunneth has an introduction to its early implementation in Mustang.
April 11, 2006
Tim McCune looks at the antipatterns--bad solutions to common problems--found in exception handling code. If you've wondered whether to catch, log, or let an exception go, this article will show you what not to do.
Tim McCune
April 6, 2006
David Walend cuts through the SOA hype by defining the traits that epitomize service oriented architectures, and spells out what they can do for you.
April 4, 2006
Ethan Nicholas introduces JAXX, a new project that simplifies building Swing GUIs by allowing you to declare markup, event wiring, and data binding in XML.
March 30, 2006
Most developers are familiar with functional testing, but is a badly written program "right" if it passes all those tests? Soumen Chaterjee makes the case for testing that the code adheres to good object-oriented principles.
March 28, 2006
Want to divide a GUI into many resizable pieces? The two-sided JSplitPane is hopelessly primitive, so try Hans Muller's MultiSplitPane, a much more capable alternative. In this article, he shows how to create, persist, and restore complex, resizable layouts.
March 23, 2006
Chris Hardin shows how an RSS parser from a Sun tutorial can be used in your own RSS applications.
March 21, 2006
Chet Haase looks at the latest features in the Timing Framework, including new features for non-linear displacements and interpolation between keyframes.
Chet Haase
March 15, 2006
Ivelin Ivanov introduces the JAIN SLEE server spec built for high-availability VoIP servers, and its open source implementation, the Mobicents project.
March 14, 2006
Krishna Srinivasan looks at how the "unified" expression language for JSP and JSF allows you to work with both technologies.
March 7, 2006
John Ferguson Smart advocates for adopting an iterative approach to migrating legacy data into a new system.
March 2, 2006