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September 25, 2015

Changes are coming to! In the coming months we will be migrating our community content (editorial articles, blogs, forums) to the Java community space. We're also working on a complete redesign of that space and you should be seeing the results in early October.

If you have content in our blogs, articles, or forums, or if you've joined in the last year, we will attempt to migrate your account into the new platform. If you already have an Oracle account, please confirm that your handle and email address agree on both platforms.

We will also be closing the forge in the next 18-24 months. We are working on a process to allow project owners to take delivery of their project assets and request a redirect to the new home of their choice. Once we have that process in place, we will update this announcement and notify project owners. From the date we have a process available to make all project assets available to owners, the forge will continue to operate normally for one year, to allow project owners ample time to plan the migration of active projects.

While no other changes are being made to the forge at this time, we are no longer accepting new projects. If you have questions please send them to